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“Live your Life as best as you can; everything you do is between God and you!”

~ DeAnna Shipman

I Am - ME, No Apologies.

Hello Wonderful People

It's time for change. To put everything in order, and in one place.

Over the past ten years, my life has been focused, ever-changing, and at times even scattered.  During this timeframe, I obtained two AAS degrees, in Accounting and Business Management. While being employed full-time and enduring many hardships and having many successes too. I graduated Cum Laude with honors, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Upsilon Nu Chapter out of Houston, Texas via University Park - Lone Star College campus with a GPA of 3.53 upon completion, proudly!

My past has always been my motivator. Like many in life, I experienced verbal abuse as a child, which led me to writing and wanting to share healthy conversations with others. I had a
 distinct focus on healthy conversation with people. When I entered adulthood, correcting my mindset became my main focus, and did so by focusing on not being the person that I was falsely accused of. Which led me to study law as a hobby.


Many times, if a person is told terrible things, they will believe it, even if what is being said is not true. Subconsciously the words would replay in the back of my mind whenever I took on a new endeavor or even considered one, and while experiencing it. It seemed a never-ending cycle, but of course it ended once I took on my role as an adult. At the age of 18, I decided that the broken record of words had to halt. It took me about five years to work through everything entirely, focusing quarterly on a new item or area. By the age of 23, I knew basically what I wanted, where I wanted to be, and what was required of me in order to obtain it all. However, I just didn't know exactly how to do it, any of it actually! That is where the real process began.

Learning how to proceed became a "One day at a time" process, which began in 1991 and
it was confirmed in 1992. However, it took two more years to implement everything. So, in 1994, I began. I write all of this so that a minor background can be understood and why I have a personal interest in law.

There isn't much that I haven't experienced, from sorrows to many amazing and wonderful successes and joys! Through it all, Jesus was in the midst. Jesus held me up when I was falling down, and Jesus held me down when I thought I should rise up. My personal goal is to share kindness and knowledge always, in action or in words.

My contributions are to edify, encourage, uplift and build the inner person of humanity. Equipping anyone who reads my works with the tools to better themself. Of course, anyone reading my work can adjust it for themselves, it's what I did, not what you have to do. Sometimes talking with someone isn't possible, nor is it a desired choice. Reading helps people work through whatever it is people are going through.

Sufferings hurt, yet sufferings mold us too, if people allow it. Taking the good with the bad is like taking the night with the day, they are connected and continuous. Not everything is good, and not everything is bad. Both happen to everyone. That is the main process to understand. Understanding that both exist and how to proceed and process yourself when either good or bad situations happen.

Currently, I'm on a new journey, one that I am calling, "Home: At Last!" Not exactly sure where this portion of my life will lead, but I'm going with it, and I know that it will be great. Only time will be able to depict the actual destination, in the meantime I will enjoy the flow. The newest endeavor I'm enjoying is obtaining a bachelor's degree in law. I expect much to come from it in the form of writing and creating, and there's no doubt that I will share this with everyone!

For now, enjoy my digital artworks, poetry and books. Thanks for visiting, reading, and connecting! Even if we don't connect, I pray you the sincerest of wellbeing!

We All Have:

(From my "We All Connect" poem)


The ability to Share...

The ability to Grow...

The ability to Give...
The ability to LOVE...Color!

From the Young to the Old,

From the East to the West, 
From the Sun to the Moon...

We All Connect



Thanks again! And until next time:

Live & Create On, but most importantly: Be You!

Best regards always,

DeAnna Shipman

July 24, 2023

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