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Triple L's

Love, everyone experiences it in some form. But the question is, do you acknowledge it?

Life, everyone who is breathing, is alive. Are you Living?

Liberty, in some form, you have it. Are you utilizing it effectively and appropriately?

At this moment globally, these three key factors are being eliminated in many areas for every individual, even if you think you're exempt, you're not.

How can we save what is left?

How can we replenish what's left?

Women must rise up, acknowledge the fact that we have been and are being manipulated into thinking that disrespecting and violating our bodies, abilities and positions is acceptable. This is demeaning and unacceptable. Women give birth and are mothers, not "birthing people." There are a few articles in response to this, but I am not posting the links because it's not clear to me if it's speculative or legitimate. However, in May of 2021, the word "Mother" had a 'cancel attempt' against its' existence. If you're a mother, are okay with being cancelled simply for being a Mother? I'm not okay with it! Not one bit!

Abortions, well this topic sets many off, especially myself, nevertheless, the topic must be discussed because this act of murder happens inside the woman's body and the body doesn't forget. At this moment of writing, there have been 23,760,014 abortions globally, this YEAR. That means that people have already lost their husband or wife. We've also lost awesome neighbors and friends, leaders, teachers, mentors, scientists, mathematicians, astronauts, CEO's, CFO's, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Lord's, Prime Minister's and so much more. Why, and what for?

Is it not possible to teach self-respect and self-control? Is it not possible to teach discipline? Is it not taught that although sex is natural, and no one is exempt, that acting sex out must be done responsibly? As to not procreate when each individual knows their actions are merely acts of passion rather than love. Responsibility and Accountability instead of murder! Unless under circumstances of rape or incest. How much would the number of abortions decrease? How many women would lie to say it was rape, rather than accept accountability and responsibility? Why must women be the individuals to receive surgeries or implants to stop unplanned pregnancies instead of a man? Mens' accountability and responsibility must also be addressed. Men who plant "seeds" in multiple women, without responsibility of their actions is unacceptable and placing the blame or accountability on women is wrong and irresponsible. Both are to be held accountable and responsible, equally.

IF WE, in our own areas, in our small or large connection network (neighbors, friends, family, colleagues) Don't take action, instead of seeking likes and comments or retweets, we will lose everything in the flash of a light, and then it's GONE. Love is Our Core, Life is Living, and to enjoy both we Require Liberty.

Are these three qualities not worth defending, upholding, and seeking, daily? I believe each key factor is worth defending, upholding and seeking, that is why I am writing this article. May each of us achieve our dreams, and may it include Love, Life and Liberty for ALL!

Blessings to All of God's Children, everywhere!

Peace & Love Always!


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