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Space hosted by Project Veritas 1/18/2023

Tonight, was phenomenal within the Space hosted by Project Veritas. Two guests really stood out with everything that was said, so much so, that my spark has reignited. What was a spark upon entry, became a flame, and then a bonfire! I am grateful! Thank you, Mrs. Gabs Cat! Thank you, Mr. Eric Weinstein.

Attached in my voice recorded, video format, post for this post. The current castration of the world's children stems from the insane progressives who found my work and thought, "Oh that's the key to unlock the door!" Not that this was directly stated, but it most certainly was implied. After publishing in 2014, and posting items since 2013 on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, I have been hammered with false accusations, stalkings', harassments', motor vehicle accidents, and a low of lows, DDS Carmen Diaz from Royal Dentistry in Houston, Texas, placed an aggressive disease in my gums while performing an exam on my already existing gum disease to intensify it. You might say, well just go to another dentists. No problem, I did that. From Houston, Austin, Dallas, Texas up to Pennsylvania, and over to Las Vegas, Nevada. A few years ago, people looked at me as if I were insane for making such an allegation, but hey, now everyone knows about our nations, and global, medical fallacies.

Not to toot my own horn but thanks insane progressives. I have so much ammunition, it's spot on target. Which is why I knew this bogus issue with COVID-19, was exactly that, A DAMN SCHEME to destroy humanity. I had already been going through it by way of my published writings'.

Please leave a comment on my Twitter feed regarding your readiness to fight. Enough is Enough! This isn't me specifically, or even you, it's about Our Children, and Our future as humans. Which must remain intact for many generations to come. And no, I am not a CRT sponsor or advocate, in any manner. My works, again, have been slaughtered by the woke ideology idiots who prey upon our children.

The Lord help us fight the evil we are facing, and may our common ground bring the true meaning of my writings to fruition. Which is not castration of our children, nor creating cyborgs out of humanity! Both are the essence of anti-humanitarian as it could ever be!


DeAnna Shipman

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