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Roe V Wade, Then & Now

There is so much to write when discussing this topic, and there’s very little to say about it as well, because of the negative and violent nature of what is being displayed across this nation. What we see before us is interpreted differently by individuals and can be both positive and negative, depending on which side of the case you’re on. The current practices by some political leaders are violence and destruction, which is not a peaceful protest, and is encouraged by those who seek to take control of the world’s population by diminishing humanity. Looking at the big picture makes this situation obvious to me. Encouraging acts that will help an objective, whether directly or indirectly involved, is occuring.

Participants of the global take-over are leaders and influence's in each country, state, city and or village. We are in a time of utter confusion and dismay because of cases like this that failed to protect humanity decades ago, and because of a select group of leaders plan to decrease the population of humanity. This is an objective, with top priority, for those global leaders. An objective that must be stopped with evidence that it’s unnecessary and inhumane. Most of the global leaders are in groups supposedly representing Human Rights, but the groups actions and words and the leaders actions and words do not mirror one another. Verbal campaign abuse happens when leaders are on their way to their awarded position. When on the road the leader declares items that they do not uphold once in office, all the words were only used when on the campaign trail to victory, and once victory is obtained, they switch. This must stop, and laws must be made to deter or bring an absolute end to this abusive campaign language.

Yesterday, June 24, 2022, in the United States of America, the 1973 original ruling of Roe V Wade was overturned in this nations judicial system. Is this a good or healthy decision for the nation? Yes, yes it is, forty-nine years late but nevertheless it is good. However, going forward, the issue now is how will this affect our future, the future of United States of America as a whole nation? With the overturned ruling, the power now stands with the states and the people. But, many of our courts are fraudulent in their court hearings and trials, as we have grossly witnessed over the last 10 years. One of the biggest fraudulent court cases of our time is about Hillary Clinton, a former president’s wife, and the military men who died in Benghazi, which is still not over. In the hidden words of our Constitution, March Forth and Fight!

TOPIC: Roe V Wade, Then and Now:

In 1973, the decision to legalize abortion federally was the beginning of United States of America’s downfall. This sole decision brought full condemnation onto and into the entire nation, aka to me, ‘Death Sentence of the Future of USA’. Why would such a decision affect the entire nation, especially for those who didn’t support it and for the innocent who knew nothing about it? Because our leaders are responsible for all people’s they are to serve, which includes the born and the unborn. First, those who created this case did so for defiant, hateful, selfish, insane and greedy reasons and purposes. Secondly, those who fought against the case and lost were blessed by God for defending life and fighting against murder.

During the time frame of 1973 to current, many decisions were made that hurt United States of America in a downward direction. It was not a spiral effect because at each event in history or in any direction within USA’s judicial system, healthy decisions could have been made but they weren’t, and the 1973 Death Sentence to the Future of USA was already in action. Ultimately giving opportunity to implement many unethical rulings across the board of our judicial system, with one sole objective, Death to the Future of USA. A global plan was enacted in the 1930’s with many discussions along the way, and cases like this, with or without influence, aided the plan and opened the door to other cases which shut down the conservatism that empowered USA for so long.

With 49 years of USA in the gradual effect, there was a lot of ground to cover legally, and the judicial system had to change in a corrupt manner in order for the global plan and the death sentence to take full affect, and it did just that. The Death Sentence was like a cursed spiritual covering over the nation, and that curse was eliminated yesterday, quite gloriously too! Hallelujah!

On most of the media outlets in USA the ‘journalists’ are promoting the “Call of Abortion”, in essence, the ‘Call of Murder’ which is being done by women and men, demanding that abortion is legalized and the people and journalists are literally justifying their actions by stating that each individual has the right to murder the unborn. This isn’t going away over night, and every day going forward is a battle worth fighting for because this self-governance murder law is a mind set, and mindsets are a battle to fix. Much like an addiction, if an individual doesn’t want help, they won’t seek it unless forced.

On the topic of the unborn child being human or not, the child in the womb is an extension of the bearer, even if the egg and sperm is from a third-party. The womb carrying the child has the overall biological determination, aside from God, in determining the child’s biological outcome due to DNA and the blood-flow that is shared from the mother to the child. That is human design. Life is in the blood and Life cannot exist without Blood. It is the spilled blood that cries out to God, no matter how the blood is discarded, poured in a drain or poured out onto the earth, either way, the spilled blood cries out to God everytime. Every innocent life that was or is murdered, their blood cries out, it doesn’t matter if the murder is in the womb or outside of it. This includes every form of murder, not just in the case of unjustifiable abortion.

TOPIC: Roe V Wade, in the Now: Legally.

Here we are in day one of the Now! Now legal representatives must comb through all the laws that were changed from 1973 to current, to find any and all changes that enabled rulings like 1973 Roe V Wade to occur. Legal representatives must be forward and community thinking, representing law in a positive and disciplined manner, while looking out for the best interest of all constituents within their legal fields jurisdiction. Legal practices must change some of their processes in the law in order to curb the current events from taking place in the future, much like the founding father’s did when they created our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our Amendments that uphold our legal system today.

There will be more individual battles within local courts that will carry over to state courts creating an overwhelmed judicial system that will lose time to hear other cases of public interest and needs, purposefully and willfully, basically this is called legal malpractice. Engaging in a case that has no legal or substantial grounds except to waist the time of the courts which brings unrest and incivility to the surrounding community’s. Maybe the legal malpractice strategy is already being implemented secretly by the hateful, insane, greedy and selfish individuals who currently are pulling the strings of the public, influencing them to scream out in the streets to legalize murder. After I originally wrote this article today, and published it, I stumbled across AOC’s twitter feed, and she most certainly requested for information from the public in order to perform legal malpractice, with explicit detail of how to fight the courts to no end.

There are reasons that abortion is allowed, such as saving the life of the mother, and in cases of rape or incest. However, using abortion as a method of birth control due to the lack of self-control or self-discipline is unacceptable. Self-discipline and self-control for both genders is required and is each individuals responsibility to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Self-control and self-discipline are not ignored when an individual is under the influence of a mind altering substance in any other case of death, and abortion should never be outside the realms of murder. To willfully take the life of the innocent and defenseless unborn child should be considered one of the highest forms of murder.

There are innovative products that aid in deterring the creation of an unwanted pregnancy. Vaginal plugs, Birth Control Pills, and Condoms exist, and they work, it doesn’t matter if you disagree with their use. The issue is having an abortion because of an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, using products that deter an unwanted pregnancy is the best choice for avoiding murder and any legal issues. The products are created for both genders and must be available without reservation.

To conclude today's article, my thoughts are towards the individuals that believe it is okay to murder an unborn child, and their mindset of, “the unborn child isn’t human”. The only way to produce a human is with the egg of a female human and the sperm of a male human. The unborn human child is human, and I consider their mindset opposing human existence in the womb to be a mental illness. Highly disturbed indeed. Unless you’re really a frog, dog or cat in human form, then you’ll be birthing tadpoles, puppies and kittens? Right? Well, what’s the difference? One is a human and the others are animals. Why would the human species be any different than other species when procreating? The answer is, they aren’t!

I’m graciously ending this article in prayer. Thank you Jesus that this curse is now broken over this nation. Thank you Jesus that this case was retried and has prevailed in victory in our current judicial system saving the life of the unborn humans. Thank You Jesus for bringing resolution and swift action to end the corruption at every level in every area of our courts in this nation. Thank you Jesus that you have forgiven this nation for an atrocity which we allowed forty-nine years ago. Bless Your Holy Name!

All the best in everything,


#LoveLifeLiberty #CarpeYOURdiem #BetterEverything #ColorWeAllConnect #MakeAmericaGodlyAgain

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