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Replenish & Save!

Replenish our gift; the gift is earth. Each of us has a responsibility in our areas of the world. No matter where you are in the world, you must be responsible for taking care of the earth.

The reason the pandemic occurred is that the elite believes that there are too many people on earth. Adding that the planet will not sustain life in the future, they dated that for 2030. Therefore, they composed a plan to commit genocide to at least 1/3 of the population globally by way of the pandemic and other planned pandemics throughout the next ten years.

How can we as a whole, change this without having to endure their crimes of genocide and premeditated murder? What I believe to be helpful to deter their crimes is in multiple formats. Please review the following ideas and add to them in the comments section below, and let's make this a collaborative effort to replenish the earth and save humanity.

First, we must deter unwanted or accidental pregnancies. How do we do this collectively? Women must become more respectful and responsible for themselves. Stop going around and sleeping with every guy that looks your way! And if you can't stop, get on birth control to avoid the murder of an unborn child. Birth control should be allowed, and as a woman, you must be responsible for taking it on time, every time! The respect part is understanding that being promiscuous without a husband isn't appropriate for you. You are better than that! Respect yourself and wait for your husband! This aids in stopping abortion (murder), abandonment of children, over-population, and having too many children and not enough resources to take care of your own family. Be responsible! Please understand that this isn't an issue just for women, this is a mans issue also. Men can deter accidental or unwanted pregnancies also by wrapping themselves well and / or obtaining a reversible surgery helping to ensure this doesn't continue. It takes two to tango, and none is without responsibility.

Secondly, every individual who lives in a home with a small or large yard must add a fruit-bearing tree and berry bush of some kind. Add in herbs and vegetables also. Connect with your local grocery store or food market and be a consistent avenue that they can purchase your goods. Following this protocol is also suitable for apartment complexes or buildings. Each complex has some yard areas and can implement gardens within them, residents would be required to tend them in order to give residents food and income for that specific complex. Subdivisions within communities have parks and grass areas that could implement this as well, and make those gardens for the sole purpose of selling to the grocery stores or markets for the site. Some might produce certain items, so it isn't too much or not enough of certain foods. If fruits, vegetables, and herbs were grown locally and sold to the markets, this could decrease shipping costs for the grocery or food markets and vendors from outside the regions or areas, and this would serve their neighborhoods. By adding more plants to every region worldwide, we increase the oxygen and decrease the hurtful emissions within our local atmosphere.

Thirdly, as this is a health issue, people must become more health-conscious regarding better eating habits, cleanliness, and exercise. Health habits are an issue to notice globally. Areas around the world are very different, and there are practices in each area that help their region and could potentially help others. If this data is placed on one website for the world to review or access, with each nation and their weather data (which affects our health), everyone could learn more about taking care of themselves. We all experience heat and cold weather patterns. Every area deals with this in a different format, but if we collectively learn more from each nation's experiences, this could bring a dramatic change to every area's health issues. No one area does it best, but we can curb 75% or more health issues globally by connecting. To take note, I am not a globalist, but the pandemic and the crime of genocide is their goal. Let's counter this and prove them wrong!

Time is of the essence because they want humanity destroyed based upon scientific models that eliminate us from being human. Please comment below with your thoughts, keep rude and hateful comments to yourself; this is for people who genuinely want to make a change and replenish our gift and save humanity as a whole!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from as many as possible as soon as possible. I will present this and every idea to the appropriate people in the United States of America and the United Nations by June 30, 2021. Let's Do This!

As always, May the Lord Bless You & Keep You!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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