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Pray the demon's AWAY!

See how Jesus' name rises above that symbol?

Yeah, me too! My artwork from long ago that so few actually understood! Bless the Lord!

TOPIC: Spiritual Warfare & Psychological Warfare

ARTICLE: Pray the Demons Away

Many people say that they were born homosexual. It is true, they most likely were. Homosexuality (Spirit of Self-Lust) is spiritual, it's also called a Perverted Spirit (Spirit of Perversion) and a Lustful Spirit (Spirit of Lust), referenced in the bible on several occasions, in the Old and New Testament. Perverted Spirits are also referenced in satanic documents and in areas that practice any form of satanic faith, there are many satanic denominations similarly as the Christian faiths. Don't be a fool in Christ!

There are many who will become angry with this article and okay, I get it, but it's my responsibility to inform people, and your choice to receive it or not. If you don't receive it, then move along. For those who do receive this article, read on, this will benefit you by gaining knowledge, according to the Word and equip you with spiritual weapons to protect yourself, your family, and your connections.

In Ephesians 6, the whole chapter, but specifically verses 10 to 12. Reads as follows:

10 Finally, my brothers and sisters, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.

11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand AGAINST the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but AGAINST principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

What about those verses do you not understand? What exactly is so misunderstood that you cannot understand the detailed description of the issues you are suffering from and from whom they are being sent? How are you in such issues? Well, you failed to read the Word and take heed to it. You failed to do your part to pray, you didn't focus on the Word and instead focused on the world. Well, if you believe in Jesus, but have had issues focusing, now is your time to change and bring a remedy to that. Allow me to fully arm you with what you need to fight your battles. Again, this is my responsibility in Christ as His daughter. Last warning to those who oppose this topic and article, you are about to become very angry, and you are welcome to move along to avoid it.

In Matthew 12:45 the bible clearly explains what happens if you backslide or don't keep your house clean, your house being your temple, your temple being your Body, Heart and Mind. Let's read: Then goes he and takes with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

There you have it. Very clearly explained. Let's say your parents had a few threesomes, or were swingers, or were gay (either gender), and kept this extremely secret, as most did until the 1990's, where this became more popularized and then in 2008 once Obama took office, he paraded himself around the globe telling governments that they had to accept homosexuality in their countries, and if that government opposed, they had severe consequences. Simply do some research and you will find all the facts about it. I always strongly opposed his unacceptable actions representing USA as a nation and forcing other countries to accept a behavior they oppose.

When a woman is pregnant, everything that she has within her physical body is shared with the child, this includes spirits. So, when a person states, I was born this way, they are not lying. Don't argue with them, it is not right because they are telling the truth. Those who are actually born that way know it, that spirit already has control, since conception. Again, don't argue that point with them because you will be the one found on the wrong side of the discussion and God will discipline you, not them. Your only job is to inform in any area of any gift, if God has called you to do more Holy Spirit will prompt you to do so. Also know that your pride and desire to be considered "good" (when no one on earth is good except God) will prompt you to do more acts that you were ever required to do. Learn to discern between the two because more often than not, it's you and not Holy Spirit.

Our other jobs are to pray, heal the sick, and defend the poor, widow, and fatherless. Which one are you doing or how many out of that very tiny list are you actually doing? Is it only for those you love or like? All of this takes into account any form of reaction you will receive from God. Here is another key factor you must accept: God is the author of it all. When satan is before God, he is continuously declaring you (all of you) as someone who needs terrible deeds happening to you, worse than any political idiot we have (past or present, either party) in office. And that is where and when Jesus arrives at your life. Jesus is literally your Spiritual Lawyer, and Jesus saved you by Grace! You have a Personal Attorney!!!

Going further, what did Jesus say about getting rid of the demonic activity in or around your life? He said to CAST IT and THEM OUT! CAST THEM TO THE SEA! The sea is an ocean of evilness where it is drowned forever. Ha! I love the Lord! Where will you find verses pertaining to this, here's the list: Books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew has the most references. However, understand that with this post there will be more issues, because there are readers from the satanic denominations that read my every writing, so much so, that some of my works were stolen while I was in Dallas, Texas, by a sinister group of evildoers that use my work as a point of reference to attack the church globally. In other words, Listen UP Church! And sit-down false teachers or pastors, I call You out for your garbage! God straighten you out immediately!

Understanding casting out is imperative. You can do this, and it might seem scary or even unreal, it is scary at first and it is very real. The satanic church has been, on a daily basis (multiple times a day) praying over the church. There are four D's used in everything they pray. The first D is Distract (this opens the door). To distract you causes you to be confused (God is NOT the author of confusion) and to lose time and forget what you were about to do. How many times has this happened and you think it's your memory? The second D is Discourage (this causes you to be in the wrong due to doubt). In your relationship, children, job, business, community, hobbies and in anything you have courage, love or hope in, that is their target and method to creep in. The third D is Divide (this causes severe issues internally, both mentally and physically). Division in relationship, children, family, job, business, community or anything you are connected to can cause such traumatic issues that this is one of their highest goals in any way, shape or form. This D is highly sought because they thrive on your pain, anguish and sorrows. To see you cry causes them joy. The fourth D is Destroy (Literally Destroy). Well, what's to explain in destruction, in any area of your life and livelihood? You can explain that clearly. If you see the destruction in your life, then you already experienced the three other D's. Hindsight can be a very good friend, if you take the time to study it quickly and find all the key points where you fell short to the three D's prior to the ultimate D of destruction. You are worth fighting for, and my article is me fighting for the Kingdom of God. Hope you realize this.

Going back to being born homosexual or gay. When a couple decides they want to experiment or play in sexual activities that include the same sex, and a child is created, that child is immediately attacked in the womb upon conception by the Perverted Spirit. When the child is born, the child is born with it. When the child grows up and you have changed your ways, but the child decides they want to be gay or homosexual in any manner, you literally can't say one thing to justify an argument because you brought the Perverted Spirit in from the onset. If a couple is watching porn or engaging in sexual acts that are outside respectable engagements, you are opening the door to whatever Perverted Spirit comes with the act. The only place any Christian is to start is their home, once your house is clean then help others. It is scary at first, and almost seems like nonsense, but it's not nonsense and you will overcome your weaknesses to fight as you were born to do against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places!

Questions to consider: Let's dive in.

1. What does cleaning your house entail? Your house is your physical and spiritual body. Your physical body houses your spiritual body. Your physical body is like a modem or router, and spiritual body is the internet connection you have with God. If you have low bandwidth, then you haven't been in the Word. And if you have slow speeds to that low bandwidth, you literally disconnected yourself from God, it's all on you! (thought relevant examples would explain easier)

2. How many times does a person have to do this? Every day and Every night. E V E R Y D A Y! E V E R Y N I G H T ! Todo los dias y noches!!

3. Is this an event? Not unless you want it to be. This is to be done personally, but if you want this to be done with all your family members simultaneously, Wow, what a family you are! God Bless!

4. Is this with multiple people? Only if you want it to be, however, God does like a more personal and intimate time with His Children for this. If you perform this first for yourself and then later in the day you have family members join you, that is powerful. It would be a great thing to perform twice a week with the entire family, or more, if that is what you prefer. But definitely no less that once a week, which is why Church is once a week, it's the minimum.

5. Who? YOU!

6. What? Your heart, Mind and Body to be cleansed from all unrighteousness and demonic activities (spirits).

7. When? As often as you like. If things are happening, do this multiple times in the day because satanists are literally assigned times to pray on every hour and they are not relenting, not one bit. How's your prayer life? How's your faith?

8. Where? Anywhere you are! At home, in the car, at work, in a shop, at a restaurant. It doesn't matter because if you sense a spiritual wickedness touch you or enter you, immediately cast it out! Just like that and they must flee because at the name of Jesus, every demon must flee! That's the awesome Word! All you have to do is literally say Jesus' Name!

9. Why? For you, in the present and in the future. Jesus died for you. Everything that is happening, which derived from the spiritual wickedness of high places and the rulers of the darkness of this world is literally for you, they want you just as much as Jesus died for YOU! Why else would there be such a battle or even a battle at all! If there were no battle, would any of this even be happening? I think not. So, Hello Christians, again, How's YOUR prayer life, and How's YOUR faith? Do you have either?

Anyone who states that Jesus said nothing regarding same sex activities is a liar. Jesus spoke clearly when he said, Do NOT follow after or in the ways of the Gentile. Jesus wouldn't even walk in Samaria because the people had no faith. Jesus refused to waste His time and breath and effort! Think about all those items! Time, Breath and Effort on people who don't have a like-mind or likeness of you. Sharing the Word is a responsibility and duty, but for the receiver, it is a choice to hear it or dismiss it. Don't make matters worse. All laws are founded on the Word of God. Even though we all have the same God, and we do, we are utterly different. The battle is between satan (who wants to rule every soul on earth for destructional purposes ((misery loves company)) and God, and humans are the vessels of both. The bible clearly states that there are people here simply for satan just as there are for God. Why argue a fact and a truth? That's insanity! Then again, don't take my word for it, read it for yourself. Dig into the Word and save yourself, your family, your job and business, your community and everything else God places on your heart to pray for.

Here is a perfect example of the previous paragraph explained clearly:

What satan does: 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks around, seeking who he may devour! (note that satan is 'AS A' roaring lion, not an actual roaring lion, because satan is a liar and deceiver!)

What Jesus does: Romans 8:27 And he that searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. (You are His saint!) Also, Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus!

Yeah Baby! I love the Word! You are fully equipped for the battle! You have armor! You have an attorney! And you have all the Spiritual Weapons you need to accomplish every mission God puts you on! You literally Got it Going On!

I conclude with this, don't argue with anyone who states they were "born this way" even if you know it's not true, some use it as an excuse, let them, and others are stating facts, let them. You have no place in that argument, your place is to pray, that's it. By prayer you win the discussion. That's it, and indeed that is the biggest 'it' there ever can be. Don't set yourself up for an issue going forward, simply cast out the demons from your presence. Yes, they will growl, who cares, they've already lost. Jesus is ALIVE & Well & FLUORISHING! For ALL eternity.

The final verse is below, to clarify who is who. But let me say this first, Hey Egypt, haha we kinfolk and you messed up! (that means Masons & the Masonic!) This verse comes from the Old Testament, and this verse might upset some other faiths, but it's a fact and a truth, zero argument available.

Isaiah 20:25 Whom the Lord of Hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt MY PEOPLE, and Assyria THE WORK OF MY HANDS, and Israel MINE INHERITANCE. (note that Egypt & Assyria aren't on the inheritance list) God doesn't make mistakes! God knew the deeds before they even happened! And those in Israel who don't follow God but follow after Egypt, your reward is not with your kinsmen, it's with Egypt whom you follow and serve. History repeats itself. God allows issues to happen, kind of like a test in school or in life, but what is your response or your response time? What's your perspective and your knowledge in Your Abilities? Gods' people perish for the lack of knowledge. That is the Word. Get Your Knowledge! The New Testament is when Jesus arrived and brought in the House of Judah, under Jacob! We are in that house!

Bless the Lord! Have a magnificent day casting out those demons and cleaning your house! Amen!

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