Our Sun & Their Insanity

Our Sun, Our Earth, Our Responsibility! There's no other way to say this without appearing or seeming egotistical and arrogant. We Each Are Accountable For The Actions Taken OR Not Taken Regarding Earth and Our Atmosphere! PERIOD!

The self proclaimed experts are destroying OUR Earth, Atmosphere, and all of humanity, SIMULTANEOUSLY! Unfortunately, with YOUR PERMISSION! How or Why? How is easy, by fear, and the threat of financial ability for you and your family. Why is also easy, in one word, CONTROL. PERIOD.

I am not okay with anything that is happening, Globally. Disallowing medical doctors to give us the information needed to make a proper decision about the vaccines, the doctors that are reliable, knowledgeable, and well versed in multiple areas within the medical health field is the top crime of all. This proves an underlying issue and motive, without having to say a word. If you are blind to it, then you are the problem! If you refuse to listen to research and verify (as best as possible), then you are a threat to the future of humanity. Period.

Bill Gates decided to propose the covering or blocking of the sun a few months back. In this article you will find that information and much more. Also, the plan is underway by using "clouds" or a cloudy atmosphere. All man-made and bad for our plants, animals and yes, us the human. Well, if you're still human.

In this article regarding the creation of chips, and the current shortages, the video's narrator clearly states the chip is susceptible to UV Rays, and requires to be under different lighting in order for the microchips, or simply computer chips of any kind, to work successfully without any issues to the hardware of the chips. This is the reason Gates made the proposal of blocking the sun, not the lame excuse he gave regarding climate change. Everything is being redirected to climate change, and I am really beginning to be pissed off at almost all so-called science based data, evidence or advice that's being thrown at us. If disputed, the individual is discredited and shamed as if questioning the legitimacy is wrong to do! Which IT IS NOT WRONG TO QUESTION THE VALIDITY OF EVERY TEST, DATA, OR Avenue in which everything is curated.

How about the creation of EV Batteries? Is that safe for the entire environment (human, animals, plants, land, water and air) surrounding the locations of the minerals, metals and natural earth resources needed for the battery? Have a look at these articles regarding the extraction of the needed ingredients. A serious health risk of every kind and to everything!

We don't have a climate change issue, We Have A Psychotic Scientists and Artificial Intelligence Issue! We Are HUMAN!

In conclusion, every avenue must be verified and proven safe for our atmosphere, earth, waters, lands, humans, animals, insects, fish and any bio organisms which create multiple Eco systems that sustain all life on earth! This is OUR ONLY LOCATION to live, despite the fantasy dreams of many wealthy and mad men. If we don't take care of what WE COLLECTIVELY OWN, then we lose it. Your Robots won't and can't save the earth. Period.

In an attempt to end on a happy note, let's make positive changes, better changes, not fast-and-furious changes in despair! When anyone does anything in despair, it's proven that the results are wrong, unhealthy, and prolonging a detrimental situation that can be eliminated if taken in careful, healthy, and verified ways. Let's be smart and honest because Earth and Us is all we have. Truly enjoy the sci-fi fantasy dreams, they're imagination fun, but they're NOT REALITY!

May the Lord bless His Children, today and everyday! Here's to Love, Life & Liberty!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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