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Name! What's in it?

What is in a name? A lot actually! According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary © 2014, the definition for name has many facets. A name can be a noun, verb and an adjective. There can be several names to one person and can change or evolve throughout their lifetime. Let’s look at the definitions and break this down a bit.

Name: (n) 1. A word or words by which a person or thing is known. 2. A disparaging epithet (call him/her a name) 3. Overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general: reputation. 4. Family, Clan. 5. Appearance as opposed to reality (in ‘name’ only).

Name: (v) 1. To give a name to: call. 2. To mention or identify by name. 3. To assign to some purpose: appoint. 4. To decide on: choose. 5. To mention explicitly: specify. (Specify a price)

Name: (adj) 1. Of, relating to or bearing a name. 2. Having an established reputation.

That’s intense. Look at the different definition types, if someone holds their name within all three types of the definition, it will appear the person is more than one individual, when the opposite is true. For example, a man can be a son, brother, boyfriend, husband, father, uncle and grandpa (+great). All of those titles suggest many people, but it is for one person. The same follows for a woman, as she can be a daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, aunt, and grandma (+great), again I’m referring to only one person.

Now, that we covered the personal & family-oriented role names of an individual, let's look in another direction of names. What about the titles we pursue? For example, CEO, CFO, CPA, Attorney, Chief of _____, Governor, President, Janitor, Driver, Manager, Teacher, Doctor, and the list could go on. However, after all the personal & family-oriented roles, the livelihood-positional category of a name is greatly significant, due to the persons character and well-being. Their livelihood and community are shaped under this name, a.k.a. Title, and is highly considered throughout a persons’ life, almost more than their own personal name in line with definition number one, the noun.

If going further, what about their hobbies? Outside of their personal career choice. Like an artist, photographer, fisherman/woman, mountain climber, cyclists or any form of hobby. Those are names by which one person is known. All of these names play a significant role for one person. That is a lot. Another thought is the fact that with our personal names, titles and hobby-names, we each have our own DNA, fingerprint, and retina scan. Each person on earth has their own embedded code established upon conception and continues for that person's lifetime, without alteration.

Within each new phase of a person's life, their unique identifiers only grow and are in continual-growth status while alive. Many say that old people can’t learn new things, but that is false, because if someone at any age wants to learn anything, they will. Those who practice breaking the will of humans are those who are dangerous to all societies everywhere. Human wills were never meant to be broken, explaining why it is so difficult to do, and why the act takes a long period of time, and why so many humans must participate in the act. Very dangerous for society indeed.

So, what is in a name? Understanding the aforementioned, a person can have many names, which looks like of a minimum of ten names! If any person affiliated with another person calls them by their name, there is a response (depending on the nature & situation). Some refer to names as being sacred and perform certain rites of passage to designate a name. This has been going on for ages.

Let’s look through some of the names of God. Many people ask, “Why does God have so many names?” Good question, but a good question also is, “Why do You have so many names?” Names are designated people, titles, roles, and characters or even hobbies. Well, that is the same for God. God has had many roles, for many people, in all the nations in the world since the beginning of time. You have been created for a purpose, predestined, and are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Here are a few examples of Gods’ many names.

Adoni: The Lord, My Great Lord! (God is the Master and majestic Lord. God is our total authority.) RE: Ps 8, Is 40:3-5

El: The Strong One! (He is more powerful than any false god. God overcomes ALL obstacles.) RE: Ex 15:2, Deut 7:9, Mk 15:34

Elohim: The All-Powerful One, Creator! (God is the all-powerful creator of the universe. God knows all & is everywhere.) Gen 1:1-3, Ps 68

Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord will provide! (God meets our every need at anytime, anywhere!) Gen 22:13-14, Ps 23, Mk 10:45, Rom 8:2

Jehova-Nissi: The Lord is My Banner! (God gives us Victory against the flesh, the world & evil!) Ex 17:15-16, Deut 20:3-4, Is 11:10-12, Eph 6:10-18

Jehovah-Rapha: The Lord who Heals! (God heals all sickness & disease by His Spirit!) Ex 15:25-27, Ps 103:3, Ps 147:3, 1 Ptr 2:24

Jehovah-Rohi: The Lord is My Shepherd! (The Lord protects, directs, leads & cares for His children!) Ps 23, Is 53:6, Jn 10:14-18, Heb 13:20, Rev 7:17

Jehovah-Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts/Armies! (God is the Lord of Hosts! ((Spiritual Armies)) 1 Sam 1:3/17:45, Ps 46:7, Mal 1:10-14, Rom 9:29

Jehovah-Shalom: The Lord is Peace! (God defeats our enemies & gives us peace! Our Prince of Peace!) Num 6:22-27, Jdg 6:22-24, Is 9:6, Heb 13:20

Jehovah-Tsidkenu: The Lord Our Righteousness! (Jesus, of the line of David, imparts righteousness to us!) Jer 23;5-6/33:16, Ez 36:26-27, II Cor 5:21

Yah or Jah: I AM! The Self-Existent One! (God never changes, his promises never fail & God is faithful!) Ex 3:14/15;2, Ps 46;1/68:4, Is 26:4, Mal 3:6

Just like us, those names are personal, titled and are the interests of God. We are his workmanship, his children and his future. If we weren’t his children, or within in his interest then why would his names exist? Why would we be created so much in His likeness? All the way down to our many names? I find this a fascinating topic to ponder. Pondering this helps me understand who I am, all the many “Me’s” there may be. For example, when I am performing photography, my demeanor or character is different than when I perform bookkeeping or even when I am writing. As I am not only an author, but a photographer and bookkeeper as well. I change in my demeanor according to the name I am under at that moment. Yet, I am one person.

With each name for each person comes duties and responsibilities, certain protocols or procedures. With every name comes laws, statutes, and policies. There are limitations and benefits within each of the different names. This goes for humans’ and God. Believe it, God does have His limitations too. How or why is dependent upon each individual. For example, do you choose to believe in God? Don’t worry yourself or even concern yourself, I am not writing to convince anyone of anything, because I already know that there are two types of humans on earth, those for God and those against God. That’s literally it. Whether you admit it, like or dislike it, that’s the bottom line.

Whenever any person has an issue, they call their friend because they think of their confidant as having a particular role in their life, which can help in a particular incident. Super-Buddy!, Super-Pal!, Something-Super! (Who knows the actual list of all the possible names?!?) In any case, the person of choice is something greater than just their given name, there is something specific that you have designated within your mind for that person you reach out to in a time of need, whatever the need may be. Know that you can call upon God in a time of need, the list above is only a few names for God, and in the moments or situations of each of those different names, that is who you can call. If you need God to provide for you, call Jehovah-Jireh! If you need God to heal you or a loved one, call upon Jehovah-Rapha! Very similar when you call a friend, God is your friend as much as you’re His child, you can call upon Him by His Name!

So, what is in a name, really? It appears, a lot! Way more than a cool movie name, a song lyric or something scrambled for unique purposes. The name of a person is who they are and what they will become, as well as do and possibly influence for generations to come! I find names to be quite beautiful and love hearing the names of people, and the story of how their name came to be.

Concluding today’s article, I hope you feel a bit more aware of yourself in a confident manner. And I hope you’re inspired and understand a bit more about God, and how God connects to You, personally! Have a beautiful day!

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