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G, my talking Koi!

G and Me. This is a true story, with an epic moral and mindset, which was taught to me in 1997. I love fish! In any tank, lake, river, swamp, bay, gulf, port, or ocean! They are some of the most amazing creatures on earth! (to me)

Early spring of 1997 I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a new tank, the necessities and they even had fish back then too. There was a tank full of Gold Fish, except one of them had a more Gold-Gold tint to his scales, and he acted as if he bossed the whole tank. So I reached in with my scooper and put him in the bag.

He made an awesome pet, as he dazzled the tank with his bright and shinny gold scales. A couple of months goes by and I noticed that he began to eat more. Figured it was standard since he was growing. A couple more months goes by and his belly seems to appear swollen or pooched. For a moment, I thought he might be a she and somehow there might be babies on the way, but I was wrong. Whenever I fed G, he ate the food as if he were fighting for more. It concerned me, because as a Gold Fish, this was not to be his nature. The stumped tail and enlarged belly caused me to pay close attention to his behaviors.

The next month, G became vocal and started communicating with me about his issue. Everyday I went to work, he'd go to the bottom of the tank, pick up a rock in his mouth, and spit it at the glass. I'd feed him. Arrive from work, he'd be ready with a rock in his mouth, and spit it at the glass, literally several times, if I ignored him. Like, the moment I entered the house, the shoes had to come off, *TING* I'd hear on the glass, I'm like, "Okay, Okay, Hold On!" *TING* another rock on the glass. Say hello to my child, change clothes, and from the living-room I hear *TING TING TING* Like G was screaming sometimes. Had to feed this little supposed Gold Fish like a carnivore. It was funny, at first, but then I realized this fish is talking to me, like screaming and cussing me out.

My best friend, at the time, his dad had a huge 500+ gallon fish tank full of Koi. White, Speckled, Orange, Red/White Mix, just some very beautiful fish. And I sat there looking at them and realized, G is not a Gold Fish, and I'm starving him! I asked Mr. S what kind of food does Koi eat, and he said Pellets. Heavy eaters, somewhat like a carnivore! I was in shock, asked for some to take home and told him what my fish was doing. They all laughed and said fish don't talk. I laughed right back and said, "You wanna see and let him talk?" They agreed. We went to my house, and as soon as I walked in G was quick to the rocks, picking and spitting right at the glass. They laughed so hard, but I was right. G was talking.

I immediately put the pellets in the tank and he had his first real meal because he was a Golden Koi, not a Gold Fish. My tank was 10 gallons, and it is utterly impossible to keep a Koi in a 10 gallon tank. So I honorably gave him to my best friends dad, in the agreement that I get to watch him grow up. We agreed and it was an amazing 12 years. The tail immediately repaired itself within 3 months. The pot belly effect that happened, subsided when the tail extended and the belly filled with the length of the tail. G grew to almost 20 inches and his Gold was the same but more stunning that the picture shown above. That is not G, it's a photo from but it is very similar to what G looked like. He was the leader in the whole tank, he was G da Boss! It was an amazing sight to watch as he grew and flourished as a Koi.

What I learned from G, after I went home and had an empty tank, and no more spitting of rocks from my cool little "Gold Fish" that was really a Koi, who was actually talking to me, telling me he was hungry, is that if I take the time to listen, understand and respect the outcome, things are better for all. G lived on for almost 12 years. A huge rainstorm and floods in Houston ended up destroying the tank, flooding sucks, and all the fish were lost. They died. But he lived out his G Koi Life most awesomely! And I felt good about my decision and experience from a Golden Koi! They do talk, if You Listen!

I was told he was a Gold Fish. He looked like a Gold Fish. He grew and started to develop and wasn't a Gold Fish after all, and after he screamed and screamed (by spitting rocks at the glass & responding to my voice) I listened, learned and let him be himself, everything went as it should go. Sometimes, what you think is one thing, isn't really that at all.

Not appearing as one seems, can be shocking, scary, and cause jealousy or enviousness in others. Nevertheless, Be You!

I don't presume or assume, I ask. Seems the more logical and rational way to do things, to me.

Anyhoo, that's G, my cool Koi who talked with me for 12 years. Literally.

Do you have a G in your life? Listen, Learn & Live!

Stay Blessed Not Stressed!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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