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Fight Like Heaven!

The United States of America is in its' biggest battle for its livelihood at the moment. Several million people are utterly unaware of the sincerity of it all. Those unaware people are dismissing truths as lies and lies as truths. Simply because of a political party. Families have divided, small to medium sized businesses going under and all at the hand of self-interested, greedy, power-hungry individuals, also known as the "elite." Not that their claim to fame caused them to be elite, nor any true humanitarian effort, only the photo opportunities and paid-well media outlets spewing garbage to fill the minds of the unawares, and since the unawares soaked it all in so fast and easily, the elite ran with it. And poof, a new elite is born.

The one item that was thrown in my face during these years of being stalked and harassed is the "mind" is easily and readily brainwashable. Why so easy? Why so readily? If enough people say the same thing over and over, even if that same thing is a lie, many believe "it" to be true, even if it's false. The psychology of it all is insane in itself. The "I'm so nice" guy or gal routine, is the one using this method steadily to gain your attention and like, as well as following. Until the person(s) make a mistake in their stride of lies, you are left in the dark about it all. To me, it's apparent but to others, not so much.

Do you realize that at this moment your life is being cast for lots? Do you not see how your fate will be once the switch is switched? Do you not know that you will do things you never intended, thought of, wanted to do - good or bad? Soon you will be like your cell phone and app. Soon THE ELITE will program you and upload you with data, not that it isn't already happening, because it is, but it will take on the form of an actual computer with nanobots that were added to your bloodstream and muscles via THE VACCINE. Is the vaccine President Trump working on composed of the nanobots? I don't think so, but on the other hand, is he aware if it were? I think not. As this past four years have played out, anyone who stood for the Constitution has been attacked on every end from family, marriages, health issues, work or employment to vehicle issues or accidents and defamation in every form. It's the form of the elite, that's actually all they do. You just don't realize it, in its' fullness or at all.

The photo in this article is not my own, I saved it from an individual I am connected with on Twitter, shout-out to a fantastic graphic designer, great picture! Couldn't resist using it for this article. In case someone wants to make some false or erroneous claim that I am using this work to claim as my own. This paragraph is dedicated to debunking that claim in advance.

Back to the article, President Trump is fighting for every individual with a soul or heart and even a functioning or not so functioning brain in the United States of America. Do you not see him fighting for YOU? Are you so blinded by the lies flipped "truths" that you can't understand what is happening? Please disengage from the TV! Turn that thing off! Liberate yourselves! Free your mind and the rest will follow! Do you not understand what is in the future? The controlled media headlines, the controlled speeches, the put-in-place members of political offices by way of a casting call, RE: AOC! I wish I could attend a casting call and make a place into government, I'd throw them through loops. hahaha!

In all seriousness, please wake-up, please see that every media outlet, that is paid for by the elites to showcase their falsehoods as some sort of compelling goodness to be desired is the best acting con in history! Even some of the best actors couldn't play the parts of these scandalous political "officials."

To conclude today's episode, Trump Won! He really did! By a landslide victory unseen in American history, ever! Hope your ready for the ultimate turnover coming your way through a media outlet to you! #VictoryAwaits #Trump2020

As always, May the Lord bless and keep you, may God shed his light upon you and give you his peace!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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