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Yeah! Oh Yeah! :)

Like Oh Yeah Yeah YEAH! #dearMoonCrew

Mr. Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese entrepreneur, purchased a trip for 10 to fly to the moon. Which is a brilliant vacation, journey, experience, and life changing event in history for everyone involved, including the audience! Especially the audience! Thank You Sir! :)

Well, I applied to become a participant of this magnificent endeavor. My personal goal is to be able to share my Life's Motto: We All Connect! And take it to the next level! My children's book: 2nd Edition, will be completed by the middle of summer and released shortly after. The updated version is the legacy I'd like to impart to the world. The current version, although very heart-warming, has some flaws. Flaws that are imperative to correct in order to move forward with Color...We All Connect!

That said, I am delighted to have the experience of the application process for such an historical event! I am number 39,977 from USA, and 282,787 globally. This is so exciting!!!! (insert happy dance!)

In conclusion, all I can say is this: Never Be Afraid To Go For It! You Might Just Get Picked!

As always, all the best for all! His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

UPDATE: I was not chosen but applying was fun! Have a safe trip!

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