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Hello World and All of God’s Beautiful Children! Hope that through these times you’re well, single minded, faith filled, & encouraged. Let’s begin this new journey connected. His Peace & His Love be With You & Encompass You! A little about me. Writing is a passion, it became a passion before I knew it was a passion due to my way of venting and releasing. As time passed, poems, songs, mini books, blogs, children’s books and cards were created. This Communication Connection has one purpose. To Equip the Saints with the tools needed to run their race. We all run the race, but our paths are different. Even though our paths are different, the tools required are the same. Online resources will be provided, with accredited courses or accredited colleges providing free courses. Most, if not all courses provided will be free, unless noted by the course creator. My purpose for you is to encourage you through my trials and tribulations by bringing my lessons learned and experiences to one platform. I often wondered, “Why God! Really?” when I was in the middle of a trial and once I passed through it, lessons were revealed. Those lessons are tools. Not to keep for myself but to teach others that they may Be Equipped & Ready. Thanks for connecting! Share your story & Let’s grow the Kingdom, To Abba’s Glory! Blessings of Peace & Love, DeAnna XoXo

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