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Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and #Bitcoin! Well, there's no denying this new currency now. Bitcoin is being embraced globally. With the new embrace, I am learning and growing my Bitcoin Wallet and you should too!

Why should you consider investing in Bitcoin? Well, to start, there's no way for your asset to be removed from you, unless you 1. willingly give it away in a purchase, 2. aren't securing your wallet, 3. aren't aware of the the necessity to secure your Bitcoin assets, 4. hacked and it can never come back. (well, maybe never!)

For starters, Jack posted an important tweet regarding the valuation of your invested Bitcoin asset. When I say "valuation," that is not to say it's stock amount worth, but the actual worth the Bitcoin owner has in the Bitcoin. He stated in post 2, of the thread, "No Keys, No Cheese." Well, as an individual working within accounting, I know what that means exponentially. So, I had to do some digging. Thankfully, not too much digging on my own because the #Bitcoin community is very willing to help. Be not deceived though, there are scam artists out there who will willingly take everything you have if Trust without verifying. With this understanding, let's proceed forward so I can make my contribution to the #Bitcoin Community, and help where I can.

My first avenue of understanding came from Twitter posts. Many questions posed were For example, "What do you need?" You Need A Private Key! That's Your Willlie Wonka Golden Ticket in Bitcoin! What is a private key? Allow me to attempt to explain it, it's an Numerical & Alpha Code that no one else is ever to have access to except for yourself! Then there's the Public Key, which is a code connected to the Private Key, which is how you will receive your Bitcoin. Either as a trader, vendor, business venture or anyone in the form of a gift! (Totally Awesome!)

In the next few lines I have attached several links, articles and personal Twitter accounts that are up-to-date regarding everything #Bitcoin! Please read each article, because without knowledge, you are literally shooting yourself in the foot and causing yourself a severe hardship.

Start Here, then Go Here, then Check this out and finally here, then you make the decision about what you want to do, not any other way around, because with Bitcoin, you get to enjoy some freedom! What I am posting is only the beginning, there's way more out there to research and verify for yourself.

Well, I hope I have lead you towards a great start. There's a lot to learn, and choose from regarding the platforms of choice to use. However, I can say with certainty, you cannot buy Bitcoin on some platforms because you don't hold your own Private Key to your purchase. I prefer Cold Storage, to me, it's the safest way to secure my assets. And that's the way I like it, you can decide what you like,and enjoy your #Bitcoin!

If any of my comments are off, send me a message and I will update after I verify your comment. Until next time, stay awesome and #BitcoinOn!

As always, ending on a happy note! Love, Life & Liberty is the best way for me & I hope for you too!

His Love & His Peace Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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