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A Dragon Out There!

There was a dragon out there! Keeping me alert, some might say, but I found the discovery interesting. There was much to see today. A one legged grasshopper and many flying bees. The adventure is never ending.

Today's solace was needed. A moment of waiting turned adventure for an hour! Nevertheless, it was fun!

More in line with the dragon is the current situation I am dealing with. Today's society allows people to be extremely fake, invasive and unfaithful friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Seeing the dragon reminds me of how easy it is to hide in plain site when being devious or malicious. Especially when it's unexpected, not that I hold much expectation, unfortunately, I don't. Some would say that is a good thing, and others might disagree. I'd like to hold some expectations, but I am finding it harder to do.

If life were like the river, simply flowing, or like a flower wonderfully blooming, and like a bee and just buzzing along, I think it would be a bit sweeter, but it's not, not even for them flowing, blooming or buzzing along. No, indeed, it's the other way around, always some sort of battle or barrier to proceed through. People have been saying lately, or at least in conversation with me, that there are "nice people" out there, really?, where? I'd like to meet them, engage, and see how nice they really are.

I might sound a bit bitter, but I am not, I am #KeepingLifeReal because there's simply no other way to be. Being fake is very difficult, which is why I'd never make it in Hollywood. Being fake goes with acting, hand-in-hand, and it's not a good look on me, it's way too much effort. Some say, "Go Big or Go Home!" I say, "Be Real or Stay Away!" To me, that is a better view, because less drama is usually better, unless you're into that. I'm not.

Back to the dragon, life can be like a dragon sometimes, with fake people lurking about seeking whom they can devour. Dragon's do that, or that is what is said of them. Dragon's also shoot at you from a distance, sometimes when you're unaware, and will burn ya in a hot second! Oh that mean oh dragon! He'll have his defeat, soon, very soon. Sublime!

There comes a time in a person's life, when enough is plainly enough. For a very long time I have been dealing with stalkers, hackers, harassers, defamers, humiliators, attackers, and mean people. People who claim they are "nice." They even act nice in front of others when I'm around or they are exponentially rude in order to humiliate me. Growing up, it was my family, all of my immediate ones, and as I started obtaining my education and perfecting my artistry and writing skills, it became the general public, and people I've never even met. Stealing my work, Copyright Infringing, Parroting my words or character (to make them look good - those 'ol dragons!) and so much more. To the point where, if I write one thing now, in 30 minutes or less it will be overflowing on the internet in many capacities. Guess what? I receive ZERO credit and more barriers, hurdles, stalking, harassment, hacking, and mean people enter my path. Don't even know them and they simply are mean, and they don't even have a single reason other than them being a mean spirited person.

Well, I don't like these people, I won't like these people and I don't have to like or even get along with these kind of people. They are toxic to any and every community or society as a whole. One sour grain can ruin the entire loaf! Or one bad apple can destroy an entire batch! It's been said for centuries, and it's true! That mean 'ol dragon, I don't like you, NONE OF YOU! And I won't be like you either! Seize the day some say or Carpe Diem in a better term, like when Robin Williams said that in a wonderful movie the Dead Poets Society. It is a spectacular movie with so much character and learning to take from it. It would be great to have the children watch it and learn how society is the bully, not so much one individual, but groups of individuals. Yet it takes only one individual to spoil the group if they are able to manipulate the people, and unfortunately, there are many who do this, willfully and purposely.

Those 'ol dragons are without compassion or true zeal for life. They are full of jealousy, insecurity, enviousness and greed. Breathing their hate on others so they too will be infected with their virus. It's terrible! Just terrible!

I don't think these kind of people, they aren't healthy for the environment either, because if one day they don't have a human to infect, they will infect the environment, easily. The environment includes humanity as a whole and dragon's aren't good in today's society unless you want society to end. It's not too hard to figure it out if you open your eyes.

I'm done with the dragon's and their evil ways. I've lost everything because of their lies, theft, defamation, harassment, stalking, hacking and continued pursuit of targeting in every form, and now, now their time is up.



I don't wish my life or my experiences upon anyone, not even them, but I do wish for peace and love which they will never allow or give. But I can't and won't wait on it anymore, I have a voice, and I am going to use it until they stop or are stopped by legal action. I will no longer go along with your petty games of pursuit and not-a-game of targeting, nor will I tolerate your actions.

Hear me, Hear ME Clearly. SUBLIME!

To all of God's Children, May His Peace & His Love Encompass You, today and everyday!

For the rest, May You Burn In Hell and turn to ash, QUICKLY! SUBLIME!

DeAnna XoXo

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