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Where not okay, is Okay!

One of Many but Necessary!

What kind of organization would you like to work for? That is a loaded question, but the kind of organization I'd like to implement is one where mistakes happen, and it's okay. Making mistakes is how every individual in the entire world learns, grows, and shapes their character and community. When someone makes a mistake, they are frowned upon and mistreated in many businesses because of the accident. Accidents happen; they are called accidents for a reason. I would want the human resource department to have an avenue or outlet for accidents, be it safety concerns or occupational issues, such as more education or training for improvement in job skills. With this implementation, if an accident occurs, it won't be frowned upon because a resolution will happen for the business's long-term.

I see myself working in a small business atmosphere performing big business projects worldwide. The atmosphere remains small because the turn-over rate will be rare. When the company grows, the departments will grow, and in doing so, the hiring will become problematic. To meet the hiring needs, an individual would require at least seventy-five percent or more personal qualities and characteristics, including job skills I'd like within the company.

What would be the best? The best would be my company, of course. What would make my company the best is ethics, understanding, discipline, quality, kindness, and structured communication for any differences that might arise. Allowing the differences to occur, being worked through, together, as a company, rather than hidden. Difference-working will avoid gossip and the shunning of one another.

What would be the most realistic? To be the most sensible would be to allow life to happen and not hold grudges with colleagues. I am not yet sure what my company will be, but I know that life happens. Sometimes at the worst of times, and someone else has to carry the weight. I believe in cross-over employees. To help out in times of need, when life happens. That way, the individual who is going through a hard time won't lose their place, respectively.

Going into business is risky; if something were to happen to me, who'd run my business? I'd want to know that the people I hired would be able to run it as if I were there. If I weren't at the job, the same would apply to everyone. To me, laziness is unacceptable. If a person is lazy, that's automatic termination. I'm not paying someone to ride the clock or abuse my kindness. Do your job or find another one; period.

For communication, I prefer notes. Write it down, put it in the box, and I will address them each week. I also firmly believe in weekly meetings. Stay at your desk; there's a webcam now. No need to go to a meeting room and waste time. When I was an assistant manager, I had a dropbox for notes and it worked perfectly. Three men were employed for five years with no raise and they were afraid to ask but felt confident to write an anonymous note. I then brought the entire shop together and confirmed everyone's hiring date. I reviewed their pay, and everyone's last pay raise. To avoid any confrontation, I chose the exact people who wrote the notes because they were the longest-held shop crew, and each of them received their raise. To obtain the raise, I had to show "why" upfront. Without leaving room for the owner to ask, "Why should I give them a raise?" Plus, I reviewed their work history. If they were on-time, no work accidents, and if the quality of work was acceptable or if we were required to rework any of their work. Each of them came out on top. Even if they were drunk (hungover, without showing it),-they were at work (on-time), without work injury, and with excellent quality.

For the physical environment, I am a huge safety maniac. Safety Safety Safety & Quality Quality Quality CONTROL! That can't be said enough! One injury is too many! That one injury could be the most valuable employee, and that can't happen. That's where cross-over comes in. If I find an exceptional employee, I requested that the individual teach another to have an apprentice; if an issue happened, the individual's responsibilities are covered reasonably well.

What could be the losses? Losing exceptional employees would be the most significant loss. I'm not concerned with competition because there are ways around that, and maintaining a healthy work environment ensures the business grows and succeeds.

Whatever product I'd make, it would benefit the world, because seeking local only isn't sufficient for me, because we live in a tiny world. Cheers to better business practices!

As always, wishing the best for the best & that means you!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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