Ethical Leadership & Qualities

Ethical leadership is essential, and to know the definitions to explain the topic thoroughly, please see the meaning I have added.

According to Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary, ethics states three different format uses. One is theories, the second is judgments, and the third is behavioral.

1: of or relating to ethics: ethical theories

2: involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval: ethical judgments

3: conforming to accepted standards of conduct: ethical behavioral

To determine if a person is ethical, one must know them regarding theories, judgments, and their behavior. How can we know them, honestly, know them? Let's take a look at leadership. Leadership has four different formats.

1: the office or position of a leader; recently assumed the leadership of the company

2: capacity to lead; a politician who lacks leadership

3: the act or an instance of leading; leadership molds individuals into a team— Harold Koontz & Cyril O'Donnell

4: leaders; the party leadership

The four different formats are position, the capacity to, act, or elected leaders. When combining the two words, this takes on a different perspective. This perspective requires at least seven questions. (1) Does this person understand theories? (2) Does this person consider all possibilities or probabilities to render sound judgment? (3) What or how is this person's behavior like when lined up ethically? (4) What are the ethics in question regarding the person's behavior? (5) Is the person capable of the position in question? (6) Does the person have the capacity to fulfill the function of the position? (7) Are the actions of the person an act, or are they performed sincerely?

When answering all of those questions regarding a leader, the responses will determine if that person is ethical. As a divorced woman, not saying this proudly, but, it is my example, I am subject to my husband. Speaking of my experience, he wasn't ethical on many levels. Therefore, I question everything before engaging in a relationship. Once I commit, I give up my right to render my own decisions, because, to me, the two of us start making decisions together. If a man cannot make sound decisions for himself and his surroundings, why would I subject myself to someone who cannot render sound decisions? Those decisions would be with me and for me, but I am setting myself up for a significant downfall by connecting to someone who isn't capable of fulfilling the capacity of being my partner. To me, leadership is similar, speaking from a woman's' perspective.

If a man can make a lot of money with revenue in the millions but cannot retain sound management or treat his employees properly, that is not the man for me. His finances aren't significant to me, but his ethical standards are. Look inside a man's business, and you will know how the man is.

To me, leadership is similar, and ethical leadership is one. There are many people in leadership positions, but that doesn't make them leaders, they're titled as a leader.

The qualities I find most important are three. Does the person value life? If so, to what extent? Does the person have understanding? If so, to what capacity? Is the person sincere? If so, to what level? Someone who values life, has understanding, and is sincere doesn't possess the ability to be unethical, unless that person is put into an overly harsh or hard situation. They can be harsh, straight-lined, but not unethical, due to their conscious. Whatever decision they make that would be considered unethical would weight too heavily on their mind and heart. Ultimately, they'd rescind their decision or do their best to make up for it.

To conclude this topic, unethical leadership prior to 2017, is why the United States of America has come to the violence and division that we are being faced with today on our own soil. The tolerance of unethical business CEOs and government agencies, who have allowed unethical CEOs to prosper, has robbed this nation and all of the smart workers of their human rights and dignity on numerous levels. The right to life, the right to love and the right to pursue happiness involves ethics. There's no way around it, ethics must be brought to the forefront, and unethical practices must come to a close and brought completely transparent.

Today's assignment for Business Ethics.

As always, wishing the best for the best and that means you!


His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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