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Not a "Hot Topic"

Today's topic is Carbon Credit and the EPA.

Question and topic posted by my professor.

"The Environmental Protection Agency sometimes imposes penalties on firms that pollute the environment. But did you know that there is a legal market for pollution? A mechanism that has been developed to limit excessive air pollution is to use carbon credits. Carbon credits are a tradable permit scheme that allows businesses that cannot meet their greenhouse-gas-emissions limits to purchase carbon credits from businesses that are below their quota. By allowing credits to be bought and sold, a business for which reducing its emissions would be expensive or prohibitive can pay another business to make the reduction for it. Carbon Offsets also provide this protection and are legally traded. Do you agree with this arrangement? How would you feel as an investor in a company that utilizes carbon credits or offsets to legally exceed its pollution limits?" (Business Ethics)

My Response:

The Environmental Protection Agency is the responsible government agency for our air and environment, protecting all. By allowing carbon credits, this reduces safety and will enable businesses to bypass the purposes of the laws; in short, causing me to question the purpose of the EPA. The carbon credits are similar to allowing a criminal to steal "only" a little bit instead of what they want—performing the theft over time in increments.

If most companies adhere to the laws and policies, why are the larger businesses being allowed to bypass the same protocols and processes? This tolerated allowance of carbon credit is what I wrote about in the previous discussion, where the law doesn't benefit smaller businesses and allows big business to bypass them. I find this absurd; the law is the law for all, not just some!

Standards in this manner are why there is chaos in other areas of business and society. Some think of themselves as above the law, when they are not. If this is the case, then why have rules, what is next, abolishing the laws? It destroys our environment for the sake of a company and its finances, inevitably destroying the earth! Carbon Credits are unacceptable and should be at the forefront of change for our planet.

All of humanity owns the earth, and we are responsible. Should we allow earths' destruction for the CEOs of big business? No! (This topic doesn't settle well with me) I would not invest in a company that does business in this manner, and would voice my opinion about them, and seek ways to stop their production.

Think Generationally! Is what I am about to embark on going to help or hurt my grandchildren or their children? Will they be able to sustain or endure the effects of this product? Is this product beneficial to all of humanity or just my pocketbook? Is the production going to hurt or help the environment? What are the true benefits? What true scale is being used to weight the costs or benefits of the product?

Think thoroughly first!

As always, all the best, for the best, and that means you!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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