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Unethical companies are sometimes undetectable until an individual is employed or when a customer becomes a client. When this occurs, depending on the location of the company, the individual must render a decision. For example: Is this a company culture, or is this based upon an individual within the company? Depending on the answer is when actions must occur. In the case of the company culture behaving unethically, what are the acts? Are the unethical actions regarding integrity, moral turpitude, responsibilities, or fairness? Every action has a reaction, regardless of the individual, with or without a verbal response. When a company has integrity issues, its reputation will be low and will most likely lose customers. If the issue regards moral turpitude, this could be theft or robbery, or something shocking to employees or customers. Word of mouth carries more weight for most, outside of legal action. If the company negates its' responsibilities to employees or customers, the company will have a high turnover rate, and those employees will talk about their experience. Customers will also talk about their experiences informing the general public, especially with our current format called "reviews." Is the company fair in the activities when engaged with customers or employees? Everything aforementioned can be easily hidden until an individual is employed or a client. Our current times allow groups of people to purposely spread rumors about an employee or client to hide their unethical behaviors. Groupthink can be positive, and it can be harmful. Groupthink can be used against customers or employees, which will enable companies to hide unethical behaviors or actions. Some companies profoundly influence the community that if a customer or employee communicates issues, retaliation will result outside the company. I believe there should be outside human resource advocates implemented into society to be the step before making an issue legal—a line of defense for the people, either employee or customer. Outside human resource advocates will eliminate or deter unethical behavior from every angle-either company, employee, or customer. There isn't a guarantee, but to me, it's an option or possible avenue to implement into today's society. Human Resource Advocates could be considered a type of union, but it's not; this should be a company specializing in human resources benefiting employees and customers alike. Aside from legal actions against the company, either from employees or customers, it's doubtful that a company could continue in business unless they have strong influence legally or within the community. Customers will seek another avenue to purchase their needs, and the organization's financials will reflect this in time. High turnover rates will reflect also. Proper investigation of a company is easier today than it was ten years ago. What I find most challenging is the question of ethical or moral. What is ethical or moral to you might not be ethical or moral to me. Ultimately, the legal standard of what is ethical or moral is what concludes the matter.

As always, wishing the best for the best, and that means you!

His Love & His Peace Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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