Good & Bad Days...

Brain injuries and what happens to me.

Brain injuries are not comfortable in any sense. One day I am feeling fine, and the next day I feel pressure in my head. If I have overthought or studied too much, tension builds, which in turn lets me know I need to rest. When reading an article or writing one, I might skip over words by accident and misinterpret what I am reading—a very uncomfortable situation. I've always been a smart person, so feeling dumb weights heavily and is one of the most challenging issues to overcome.

Over the last few months, I have endured this issue due to a motor vehicle accident. (I was struck by a Semi June 4, 2020) There are better days, and on some days, it is as if my brain responds very slow or not at all. Every day is better for response time, memory, and function. Overall, it isn't easy to deal with recovering from brain injuries. Lately, most days are better than others, but the "other" days still happen. (insert sad face) Some people are rude without any consideration. I know me, and I know this road of recovery is short. Time heals every organ, and I am following every regimen there is for the brain. (affordability of course) To respond to the haters or to people who are clueless to brain injuries or injuries whatsoever, I say this, until it happens to you, you indeed are unaware, and I don't wish it upon you. Still, if you encounter this issue or any kind of issue, I hope there are kind people alongside you. Cheers to healing successfully and overcoming this injury! As always, all the best!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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