The Longest Learning Curve

Today, I performed an assignment for my BUSI Ethics class in college. The assignment is to write about a company regarding previous and current business ethics in practice or behavior. I chose Tesla, Inc. The article is as follows:

Tesla is the company I choose to write about today. Tesla has gone through the longest learning curve I've ever witnessed, even though I entered the witness arena quite late, nevertheless, after performing some research it's quite apparent that changes have been made and errors did occur. In the early years of Tesla, Inc., Elon Musk, didn't have supporters, as a matter of fact, he had more opposition and mountains to climb than most companies in USA. He entered the business arena with "wild" ideas of attempting to save humanity and earth, for the long-haul and many in the public and private sectors mocked his ideas and him.

Here are his previous and current records on file with the National Labor Board, which are complaints against the company and they are very harsh, unethical labor practices and behaviors towards employees.

Here is a current article regarding his business practices and behaviors, described by a current employee. Showing the changes during his longest learning curve in business.

I have been following him for over a year now, since May of 2019, and have discovered that he is fully aware of his mistakes and has made changes in the business ethics on both levels of practice and behaviors. Some of the complaints are regarding other employees within Tesla and Tesla Motors. Not a direct reflection of Elon Musk himself, but some personnel that work there, and allowed these practices to occur. To my knowledge, from the early 2000s, he didn't have a solid foundation in business ethics, because of his background mentality, (I am making that presumption), and the American population isn't from South Africa, so our mentality isn't as harsh as he might have experienced or believed it to be. As employees fought against the behaviors or practices, he had to make changes, which is why I titled this article, "The Longest Learning Curve."

In any business venture there is a learning curve, for any area or level. No one enters business knowing everything there is to know about business practices or ethics. No one. Everything has a learning curve and Warren Buffet is not excluded, even though he has a long history of excellent 'business wisdom," which he shares with the general population. (I enjoy his articles and videos) He too had a learning curve, which is why he is able to speak intelligently regarding business practices and ethics - The Learning Curve!

Currently, Tesla, Inc., has opened two new Gigafactories, one in China and the other in Germany. Many in China are enjoying their work in Shanghai. I do understand that work ethics in China are very different from USA, but I have only read positive articles regarding the recently opened factory. There was even a wedding proposal at the factory during the grand opening. (how cool!) To me, having a wedding proposal on the factory floor does speak volumes regarding respect of persons, ethically. If the company wasn't attempting to change or engage in ethical behaviors or practices, then why allow a wedding proposal on such an important day for the company? Maybe just a photo-op? You decide, but for me, I call it a learning curve clean-up. Everyone makes mistakes, and there are many claims on file, some that are very unethical, but they are being resolved. The new Gigafacory in Germany is not yet open, but is on it's way, and Germany won't stand for unethical practices, and the people will surely make their claims if that is to be the case. Elon Musk recently went to Germany for the opening of the facility with great support from the country and the people. That, to me, is a huge sign in the change of practice and behavior.

Next up is to see if changes are made, and if there are any complaints from the employees, which I will be searching for, even those that are made to be silenced, which big companies do all the time. Time, on this Longest Learning Curve, is what is needed to determine if Tesla, Inc., has truly made changes for the betterment of the people and if Elon Musk is a man of his words, of his many words.

In conclusion, for now, I am watching and waiting to see if his words are true, as I am an observer. Listening attentively and watching all aspects and attributes, to see if the words match the outcome. Let's hope for the best. Cheers to Learning Curves!

Hoping for a good grade regarding this article. Cheers!

As always, wishing all the best of the best!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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