Political Rampage! Ugh!

Political Rampage Alert! Oh, how I am not looking forward to any more of it! We still have a few months to go, and there will be more shows of power, outsmarting conversations (that aren't smart), belittling and condescending behaviors, and some downright rude use of political powers. None of which benefits any citizen or resident of America. Some are disgusting to listen to or even to be bothered by, and I refuse to succumb to the noise of it all.

I'm praying and waiting upon the Lord to see whom God will place in the office to be our next president. Of course, every good patriot knows it will be Donald J. Trump. This is no surprise to anyone who understands the severity of the issues we are facing in dealing with the deep state and the immense issue of draining the swamp.

The platform of President Donald J. Trump is, "I am your voice! I’m With You, and I will fight for You, and I will win for You. Together, we are rebuilding our nation. This is a movement." Along with, "Promises Made, Promises Kept." Check out what he has done for every American over the last four years. Also, don't believe the hype of all the hate that has been directed towards him because as he stated today "they don't like it when I drain the swam." This link will lead you to his page showing all of his promises kept since day one in office.

Over the past 4 years, he fulfilled his promises by bringing the economy up with millions of jobs, taking care of our businesses by bringing them back to our shores, taking care of our veterans, rebuilding our military, taking care of immigration and so much more. Many don't want to admit to these accomplishments, but they can't deny them either, which is what causes them to be so angry. He and his team ensured the job opportunities were created and sustained. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he sought ways to financially assist us, bring medical supplies and machinery to hospitals, including PPE for nurses and staff. What an achievement!

He has been attacked from every side since day one and resiliently overcame every obstacle, and fulfilled his promises and more. When a person is attacked consistently, those actions make life very difficult, and maneuvering through it all is extremely hard. With the pressures and the number of people who are looking up to and at him, President Trump succeeded above and beyond all expectations. Thankfully his team poured their sweat and tears into helping him keep succeed. Gratefully, there have been many who've stood by his side to ensure his promises were kept and that he and we made it through. They have succeeded even through this pandemic. All of this is because of him, and his desire to make America great again, his love for God and the team alongside him. No doubt about it, with God all things are possible! You can review everything for yourself here.

The 2020 Presidential Election of the United States of America is more than just an election for the presidency, it is about our nation's existence. Our existence is being threatened more and more, every day. The future of the United States of America is in his hands and in the hands of We The People. We the people must stand up, and we must vote, take back our country and remember those who fought and died to preserve it!

With that said, please note, that open borders are not an answer for any country in the world. Each nation is to be their own nation, our cultures are different and yet the same, our societies are different and yet the same, each of us are individual even though We All Connect, and we are different! Our borders are secured for the safety and well-being of our nation and likewise for other nations. All share the same Earth, and we need to share it in a way that benefits each other without the destruction of it. Get Up, and Go Vote! Use your voice without attacking one another because of your choice.

We're Americans, and without one another, we have no UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We need one another, so let's do this without hate. Love is greater and Love is better, and Love will allow the USA to continue to be the Great Nation that we are! Home of the Free, because of the Brave! May we never forget those who died to ensure we remain and ever stay in the USA!

God Bless USA, God Bless Our Veterans and Military!

God Bless every American, near and far!

God Bless us, one and all!

My Best to All!

His Peace & His Love Always!


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