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Political Rampage! Ugh!

Political Rampage Alert! Ugh! I am NOT looking forward to it, at all! Over the next 9 months there will be shows of power, outsmarting conversations, belittling, condescending and some downright rude use of political conversations.

Some of which is overwhelming to listen to or even be bothered by. Again, I refuse to succumb to the noise of it all. As always, I will pray, and wait upon the Lord as to whom will be United States of America's next president.

The two contenders in the end of the overwhelming show will be our current President Donald J. Trump - Republican and Andrew Yang - Democrat. Truly wish there would've been an Independent candidate running for president to mix things up a bit, that possessed a solid platform for hope and wellbeing for the people, as well as economically and financially fit to diminish our deficit. However, the two are well enough to make great things happen for USA, and I hope one of them will do more for lowering our deficit instead of raising it.

The platform of Andrew Yang is promising financial hope with the Freedom Dividend worth $1000 for each American citizen, Medicare for All, and Human-Centered Capitalism. All of it sounds good, but what about our deficit? The amount is $1.10 trillion, That's TRILLION folks! We are not making financially sound decisions as a nation. The promise of a $1000 Freedom Dividend is going to be applied how? Will that 'Freedom Dividend' give us any actual freedom or will it make our deficit triple in the first year? What about the Medicare for All, how is that to come about? At what costs to individuals and physicians? Will individuals, with their private insurances, lose their ability to go the physicians they've attended, some for years? The Human-Centered Capitalism, what is that and how does it work?

Many questions, and many answers are needed.

You can review for yourself here >>>

The platform of President Donald Trump is this, "I am your voice! To every parent who dreams for their child, and every child who dreams for their future, I say these words to you: I’m With You, and I will FIGHT for you, and I will WIN for YOU. This is a MOVEMENT." President Donald J. Trump and his "Promises Made, Promises Kept" slogan is continuing for 2020, where he did fulfill his promises by bringing the economy up with millions of jobs, that many don't want to admit to, that he and his team ensured were created and sustained. He was attacked from every side since day one, and being attacked consistently makes life difficult and maneuvering through it, is harder unless there is a skilled team alongside you. Gratefully, there have been many who've stood by his side to ensure his promises were kept and that he made it through. Also he did ensure that businesses and stocks have soared, this is because of him and his team. No doubt about it.

You can review for yourself here >>>

There you have it, both final candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election of the United States of America. There will not be a bigger or better set in history. I am hoping for the best candidate to win, as the future of the United States of America will be in their hands. With that said, please note, that open borders are not an answer for any country, anywhere, in the world. Each nation is to be their own nation, our cultures are different and yet the same, our societies are different and yet the same, each are individual, yet We All Connect. We All share the same Earth, and we need to share it in a way that benefits each other, without the destruction of it. That is why I used the flags of the World instead of just the American Flag, even though this is our presidential election year.

SO...Get Up, and Go Vote! Use your voice without attacking another because of their choice. We Are All Americans, if your legally here and a citizen, without one another, we have no UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Truly we do need one another, let's allow this to happen without hate, it's such a burden to bear, Love is greater, and Love is better, and Love will allow USA to continue to be the Great Nation we are!!!

Home of the Land of the Free, because of the Brave!

May we never forget those who died to ensure we remain and ever stay USA!

God Bless USA, God Bless Our Veterans and Military!

God Bless every American, near and far!

All the Best to All!

His Peace & His Love Always!


#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #BeYourBest #UnityinDiversity #EveryoneCounts #Respect #ColorWeAllConnect #PeaceofMind #WeAllConnect #Changeyourways #MakeAChoice #Friends #Family

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