2020 Here I Am!

Well Hello 2020! Here you are and Here I Am! Ready or Not, the new decade is upon us! So much to enjoy and so much to be aware of!

Let's start off with waking up to the technology factors that are before all humanity, which is not easy to do, for some things.

Satellite's in the skies obstructing the stars and updates for devices that simply won't quit! Whew! Already a new decade and so much has already happened and we've just begun the month!

First of all, I'd like to be thankful outwardly to the creator of the universe for giving me the ability to arrive into 2020. So, Thank You Jesus and Father! Blessed to be here and blessed to move forward successfully. My hopes are that everyone is able to perform the same.

It is said that we're not to express our resolutions with others so we don't block them from being achieved. Therefore, mine will not be stated to anyone, only seen by everyone! (insert big smiles) Regarding new year resolutions, have you made yours? Have you reflected upon the ones you created for 2019? Did you accomplish them in 2019? If not, complete them in 2020, there is no better time to execute them then now! Big Cheers to your completion of them if you did!

This post is for all, a blessing and reminder for those who read my blog posts.


May you succeed in all you put yourself toward that is good for yourself and humanity, above and beyond your own hearts desires.

May you remember the lessons so your not repeating them in the future.

May your days and nights be filled with love, joy and peace, as well as family and friends who will support, encourage and aid you in all your endeavors.


We Only Live Once, May You Make The Best of it, EVERYDAY!

Well, beautiful people, I will conclude the 2020 New Year blog with this:

"Today is the day for you to be who you are called to be, to do what you are called to do, make the most and best of it, as this day doesn't return again!"

~DeAnna Shipman

Wishing All the Best of the Best!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna "XoXo" Shipman

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