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Color...We All Connect

Color...We All Connect!

Written by Me, DeAnna XoXo (pen name) Originally wrote this on December 12, 2012, while pondering a way to touch every mind, from the youngest to the oldest. As each of us has a child within us. The book was derived from my poem, We All Connect, which I have posted on the Greetings! tab of my website. The poem came from several forms of abuse, heartache, loneliness, rejection, failure, abandonment and desire - a desire to truly have connection.

Never did I think it would be so profound to so many people. My core poured out; touching so many to their core. How beautiful! How scary! And How dreadful at this point! It was written with all the nations of the world in mind, because in USA we have every nation within it. There are some in USA who believed it was written to create a 'global' affair and to dismiss USA or other countries for who they and we are, as Our Own Nations. Those who think this couldn't be MORE WRONG than to think such a redundant thought as that.

Why would any country want their country eliminated? Why would any government want the others eliminated? Power - Greed - Control? Perhaps.

However, that was not my intention, desire or will for writing the poem or book. It is as it states, Unity in Diversity and Connection. Learning, growing, and sharing with one another. Yet, during this time, I've been stalked, harassed, assaulted, struck by other vehicles, car chased, robbed, forced loss of employment, forced to move, my tiny home taken, defamation, slander, and forced to live in my car, since May 20, 2018 by the Church, Government of Texas and USA, and some within Hollywood and major corporations. So I would - disappear and they could profit without any hesitation.

They thought I'd die by now, or I'd be a beggar on the street, or I'd be on drugs, or I'd be a prostitute (which they tried to force), they thought a lot of things but not a single plan of theirs worked.

You see, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Father of Jesus, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, HE IS REAL! 100% REAL!

Because of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth & Holy Spirit, I am writing to you today.

Pastors, too, during this time attempted to cause havoc in my life by calling on the local police departments to stalk me, give false tickets, attach to my car and manually change the traffic lights wherever I went within USA. The pastors lied about me, to the police departments. I drove to Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, Florida, California, Nevada, Arizona and every state in between, and YES every traffic light is MANUALLY controlled.

My physical health has been compromised. The ability to obtain proper healthcare has been thwarted, from dental to feminine.

All the while keeping me from being employed within an office or administrative position, to ensure my financial status stays below a certain wage bracket and keeping me from establishing friends or an actual relationship with people or an actual partner. Yet on many occasions I was sent notices to become a lesbian, to become a transgender and to be anything but heterosexual. Unless of course, those "people" were of their doing. Which each and every time I became close with someone they were abusive.

All the while I would receive notices, in email format, social media feed messages, that my work was a 'failure' and how I had to accept this failure and 'how to overcome failure.' Which is all garbage; it is the complete opposite. It is a wonderful and beautiful SUCCESS!

Copyright infringed by Jason Derulo, Coca-Cola, FIFA World Cup Anthem 2018 and every singer who sang their version of "Colours."

How amazing! Right! I thought so, but those in charge want me dead or enslaved to them by some sort of sexual disgust. Forcing me to act out in behaviors that is not who I am. Which causes me to appear, bi-polar or unstable. Going back and forth between peace and dismay. It has been a very hard road. I've lost everything. They spared nothing. They are a cruel and wicked people.

Every actor, or actress, that has ever stated "Connection" is involved. I will list them in order as the issues transpired: (this is the short list - there are many more)

Russell Brand, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Keanu Reeves, Tyler Perry (he's associated with Kenneth Copeland - EMIC), Jennifer Lopez, Jason DeRulo, the Sonic commercial - Nunya Biznaz - and many others. Not a single person took the time to know who I am, they assumed, and brought an unbelievable amount of problems to my life without any consideration of what I want or what I am about. Their assumptions brought destruction and forced me into the situation I'm in. They refuse to allow me to live in a healthy manner or have healthy relationships without causing turmoil or humiliation.

I'm done with allowing them to get away with this any longer, hence this blog post. There are many others, but I have to get back to studying for my finals. Oh yeah during all this, I have been attending college, paying for it myself, online of course since I can't have a home because they are nuts! However, they want me to look crazy or out of sorts, because they are the "Actors/Actresses" and they are Uhem Uhem - SuperStars! I am the "NoBody" they are stealing from. Ugh - Ya know - USA we have a problem!

Okay, until next time, I still have loads to write and say, but this is a good start to clear my mind so I can move forward. In the meantime, stay well and ALL the Best! (Yes that is my idea) Huh Keanu! Thanks for liking it, wish you had the decency to speak instead of steal. I'm not out of sorts, I'm a human being whose been robbed of all my works, my home, my family, my life and essentially my being. Thanks but no thanks Hollyweird!

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #ColorWeAllConnect #UnityinDiversity #Changeyourways #PeaceofMind #PeaceinHeart #DeAnnaXoXo

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