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V.S.O.H. Project


The journey began when I was in Houston, TX. What I'm speaking of is writing to people in positions that have the ability to make a change regarding the findings I have observed for a short period of time, which turned into major events that struck USA deeply, over a long period of time.

The cover page. There are some sections in which I am choosing to keep out of the public unless requested personally.

During the years of service within the public school systems I noticed the children were falling away from learning and respecting themselves and authority.

Which led me to ponder many ideas regarding how this could change or improve. In many instances, I noticed the exact same behaviors within my own child, and realized that this derived from the public school system and the disregard of our children's education. Along with the values of each family being ignored or disrespected. This bothered me greatly and I decided to make a change by writing to people I thought would make an effort and have the ability to help improve our society. A few of the people I do not agree with, nor do I approve of their policies, however, they were in a position to administer the change I was seeking.

Opening Letter to Proposal

The opening letter. I spoke of my personal experience and how I believe that a change could transpire within our schools with the children of USA, if we took the time to make a sincere attempt as a nation and utilize all of our resources, Our Veterans!

Every family is different, every faith is different, and many don't have a faith at all.

To each his or her own. However, when in a public environment, we are to come in accordance to the overall perspective or choose private education for our children.

Truly we are blessed to have public education within USA. It should be taught with respect for all parties - families and employees, not personal agendas from groups, governments or even faiths.

There are basic educational requirements that every individual needs, such as mathematics, sciences, arts, history, music, technical skills, trade skills, grammar skills, reading skills, writing skills and etiquette skills. Without each one of those basic educational needs and skills, an individual could fail at the smallest of deeds or actions that they know they could do if they had the ability to properly execute it.

Page one of the Proposal

Why did I choose Veterans?

Why did they come to mind?

I found myself going into the streets giving to the homeless, and engaging in conversations with many and asking questions as to why and how they ended up in the situation they were in.

What I found astonished me. Seven out of ten of the people I spoke to were Veterans. VETERANS! The very people who left their families behind to fight and defend the liberties we, you and I, are enjoying everyday! Yet, once they returned, they were left unattended and not cared for in many areas of their lives - medically or mentally. While serving this nation, they suffered hardships mentally and medically, and upon return no one would take the time to listen to or even address their issues.

Many spoke of spouses who were unfaithful. Of each gender, the same scenario for both was spoken of, but the majority were male. Many lost hope and the desire to live as they had before. The experiences in battle, in their different posts, were hard on them over time. In the military all the combat training and discipline took a tole on their mental health which caused them to think that living a 'normal' life again was or is almost impossible.

Many times it broke my heart listening to their stories, but I Simply listened, and I thought it was the least that I could do when they spoke. Sometimes I'd buy them food, give minor supplies or cash, and then go my way.

After about two years (accumulatively), their stories bothered my heart tremendously and felt compelled to take action. Then the school shootings became more prominent and were recurring more often than before. Factor after factor started staring me in the face until I finally decided to sit down and make my best attempt to put it all together in written format. What they needed is what we need, as parents and society, with our children in public schools. Love. Four little letters and one big word. In the format of mentors or friendships within the public school districts.

Some of veterans no longer have the family they once had and some never had family at all, and some lost their families due to tragedies. In comparison, I found the exact same factors within many of the children in public schools.

Some factors teachers simply can't attend to due to them fulfilling their role as the teacher. Teachers assistants help in class, and they too are needed, and an asset, however they can't dedicate personal time to the children due to their role within the classroom.

My idea is to create a role within the schools, yet not tied to a teaching position, that will aid in growth, and discipline of the children and protection for the school campuses. A dual purpose position. Leaving the teachers to teach and allowing the students to be the students without fear on campus while obtaining discipline, protection and true life stories of some of the realities that happen in life.

Some students don't have parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins or grandparents and every individual needs fellowship to grow, to learn, and to become! Simply become who they are meant to be!

My thought is that the two would make a perfect match, along with the ability to protect the students and staff since they already had the training. Some of the veterans are older, middle aged and some are young, and both the veterans and students, can learn from one another in some form. Both would obtain a healthy relationship and both would become who and what they are to become. For the veterans, it is a way to help simulate them back into society while utilizing their military skills as a form of protection for the campuses. For the students, it is a way to bring attention to what happens in real life.

Some laughed at my thought, some insulted me for the thought, and some simply dismissed it as if I were speaking an alien language. and some stole parts of my idea and implemented police officers on campus, yet those police officers don't actually engage with students on a personal level because they wear the badge. So I wrote the proposal and sent it off without anyone knowing about it until I received responses.

"In conclusion" is the last page of the proposal bringing it together for clarity, understanding and closure. Honestly hoping the best, for the best, our Veterans and Our Children, which in turn is our future, the both of them alike!

I did work through this with one person as I wrote it, and was glad to have someone to bounce ideas off of as I wrote it. Grateful for that person. Didn't really know the person but we were within the same path for a month or so and it was for this reason, for me to write the V.S.O.H. Project.

It was addressed to President Barack Obama, President and Founder Dr. Paul Crouch of TBN, Governor Rick Perry (of Texas at that time), Kenneth Copeland of EMIC, Veterans Affairs (and I sent it to the wrong office! ugh!), and Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church. Everyone wrote in response except for Gov. Rick Perry. He implemented it by contacting many private and public corporations and companies regarding employing veterans. How do I know? Because suddenly, and I mean suddenly, there were commercials, ads, and threads on facebook about hiring veterans with incentives for the companies who did! How amazing is that! I prayed and asked God about it, and of course God confirmed with a joyful warm sense in my heart that Gov. Rick Perry took the initiative and made a few calls. Because the commercials were Texas based and so were the companies. Moving forward to the responses.

TBN, Kenneth Copeland, Veterans Affairs, and President Barack Obama all replied!

I almost passed out in joy and excitement! Everyone approved, and some stated that it was up to me to pursue my endeavor, and that they would pray for me that this would go well. I'm very grateful for all of the responses!

President Barack Obama wrote me a letter thanking me for reaching out to him, with the proposal and with consideration to our children, public schools and the safety of all!

It was an amazing moment in my life. His letter propelled me to obtain, or start to obtain my formal education in college. Always wanted it, attempted it four times, but had an issue each time I attempted. However, his letter was like someone pushing me to excel. Not that he stated that within the letter, it was that fact that I received it from the 44th President of the United States! Whom I did not vote for, and did not support, yet, he was the president and I respected him within his position.

This is the V.S.O.H. Project and the journey as to why I wrote it and how I think it should be implemented in some form within public schools. The Proposal is still on the table for any city and public school district to implement.

If any educational facility would like to implement it, please contact me here by using the connect tab. It would be a pleasure to hear of the experience within your community and how the V.S.O.H. Project aided in the betterment of the Veterans and Children within your families, schools, congregations and communities.

This is a formal document, DMCA Copyright Laws do apply.

(c) 2013 DeAnna Shipman - All Rights Reserved

God Bless Our Veterans!

God Bless Our Children!

God Bless Our Communities!


Peace & Love Always!

All the Best!

DeAnna XoXo Shipman

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