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Online Bullying & more

TRUTH: there are three definitions

a - the quality or state of being true.

b - that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.

c - a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

What I am finding in society, social media platforms, social groups, businesses and our government (on all levels) is that definition 'C' is the one being used or held to, not 'A' or 'B.'

With the hypocrisy of 'Bullying' being added into the mix from all aforementioned platforms, including educational systems, both public and private.

Completed reading an article, and the statements made aren't settling well with me. As of Spring 2019, I found that I am very interested in engineering and design. That was made possible by Elon Musk with all the innovative ideas he has implemented in our world today. Of course with the collaboration of his associates, he and they have paved a new path in today's world. Had it not been for him, engineering, space exploration, technology, and transportation might still be back in 90s or mid 2000s.

Since learning about him, I have also found a lot of bullying, some to the extent of pure evil, even though as a christian I already think of bullying as evil, the escalation or level of bullying with Elons social media platforms are like straight demon warfare. I reported one of them because it was just too much to read on that day, and personally sick of seeing the constant threats towards him and towards Our president. Why attack innovation? The article I am referring to can be read here.

Which brings me to write this article, and add a new category within my own blogging platform. 'Politically Speaking.' In the link above there are comments regarding President Trump and his bullying, which I didn't personally read for myself, but have read in the past, and too will say on his behalf, that if it weren't for him becoming president, I wouldn't be "politically allowed" to say Merry Christmas because my 40+ years prior to the Obamas era in office were suddenly offending foreigners who decided to move to my country. Yes I wrote 'MY' because it's mine too.

Many moved here from their country, fleeing whatever it is they are fleeing and bringing with them the hatred they experienced in their early years. I'm not offended, plainly stated, I'm pissed off! If you are fleeing violence, hatred, and insanity, DON'T RECREATE IT IN YOUR FUTURE! That is what pisses me off. Now that President Trump is in office, I can say Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas and keep my gun in my purse or attach it to my belt. I am allowed to be me, an American, who is allowed to speak freely regarding pretty much anything, in a respectful manner of course. I say all that because there are cases where President Trump said some things that I don't agree with, and I didn't 'like' the post on social media, but I like what he has done for USA and am very proud of him being Our president. He has done more good for USA than many americans realize. He too has been bullied to an extent unheard of as a president or as a human. Thank you President Trump for all you are doing, and in the same sentence, thank you Elon for paving the way to innovation and aiding our future. Moving forward...

If we are a country of capitalism, innovation, creating and building dreams - The Pursuit of Life & Liberty; why then do many of the politically powerful, business powerful and Hollywood powerful attack those innovators? Like myself. I am very familiar with the bullying 'world.' Something I can remember experiencing since I was 5 years old, and as an adult, I HATE IT! I fully disagree with the so called 'Bullying Act' being signed into school systems, where in turn the administrators, teachers, and their school boards bully the employees and parents, including some of the children.

The hypocrisy of it all is deafening. To the point of sure violence, which we are seeing on every side of society, within every race, gender, or culture. This is unacceptable. This is not USA, not our culture, nor our future.

Try this instead - a handshake or at least attempt some sort of common ground. If that is not possible, then prove your statement in legal mannerisms, but the online bullying, the false accusations, the constant lying, the calling-out, the 'cancel culture' has got to go! We as a nation are destroying ourselves. It's not okay, not at all. We are better than the behaviors that have been exemplified over the past three years. Truly we are.

Embrace innovation, attempt to understand it. I enjoy good competition, but hateful competitors, aww well, yeah, You Suck. Taking the joy of competition out of it all. At the end of the day, if you can't shake the hand of your competitor, they might simply be a jealous enemy, and who needs those?

I certainly don't, and neither does society.

Politically Speaking is brought to you with the hope of well-being to be brought to all within the article. A shout out too! Thanks for jumpstarting this format of writing within me. Here's to better articles and maybe even a little healthy competition.

:) Cheers!

All the Best ~ DeAnna 'XoXo' Shipman

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #BeYourBest #ColorWeAllConnect #UnityinDiversity #Respect #EveryoneCounts #PeaceofMind #Changeyourways

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