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Confession of Heart

The heart, how profound is this small but necessary and delicate organ, and how is it that the heart controls so much within an individual?

From desires to relationships to businesses and the decisions that we make in our daily lives.

The Organ or Not?

Factors of the Heart:

Life - pumping blood daily throughout our bodies.

Emotions - feelings and desires (or will).

Relationships - involvement, acceptance or not.

Business - creating, moving forward or engaging in.

An excerpt of an article, "The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes." The tissues of the body need a constant supply of nutrition in order to be active," said Dr. Lawrence Phillips, a cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. "If [the heart] is not able to supply blood to the organs and tissues, they'll die."

What I find, outside of the physical need of the heart, is the emotional, relational and spiritual necessities that this organ provides, or is claimed to provide. Maybe the saying, "from my heart" isn't actually the organ itself, or is it? Over the past few months I have examined this issue within myself more intensely that I ever have. Some say, "don't be led by your heart," while others say , "follow your heart." But is it the heart?

For myself, I found that by leading with my heart has often brought me to many emotional wrecks. My heart speaks, and my mind will concur or maybe it won't. Many years ago, I learned to attach the two in order to render a healthy decision in whatever I am engaged in. Because the mind, itself, can play tricks, and the heart, itself, too, can play tricks. Resulting in the best solution of connecting the two in order to obtain the best or better outcome of the options I may have before me.

Todays post of 'Confession of Heart' is because I would enjoy to know the perspective of others regarding, 'their heart' and how they go about monitoring, dealing with or controlling that little but profound organ.

Emotions: Going through the multiple factors of the heart, I will discuss the emotions first. For years, I was called emotional because of my sensitivity to life's and people's well being. Considering others has always been very easy for me, because selfishness doesn't come naturally. However, there is a flipside to this, I am very aware that others will abuse a person who is sensitive, sometimes for fun and to cause havoc. Which I find to be very mean, disrespectful, and demeaning to humanity. Life has its' own way of teaching each individual, without the help of someone who simply wants to see another's reaction or downfall. To me, I am in clear connection with my emotions and allowing myself to engage in them (not always at the precise moment), which is very healthy - psychologically and humanly. Understanding difficulties, understanding hate, understanding inconsideration and understanding myself gives me peace and solitude. I am okay with myself, and don't have a problem with being with myself. My gifts, talents, abilities and skills are gifts, and I embrace them. I Am Different and I Am Okay with my difference. Are you? Do you accept you? Do you know you? Do you like you? Have you looked at yourself today, without looking in comparison at another? Do you embrace yourself? Do you self reflect regarding all the wonderful qualities you have? Maybe today might be a great day to start.

Relationship: Is it your heart that controls your ability to obtain, maintain or enjoy or reject a relationship? Are you even aware if it is your heart? Or is it your mind? Or your perception? Or your thought processes? Maybe it is your past experiences that cause you to render a decision with your heart? I see that many in the world suffer divorce, suffer breakups, suffer hardships within relationships, and I often wonder why. Even if I don't know them, and I see them on the outside looking in. Have you considered, before it is too late, that maybe it is your perspective or perception, that has hindered someone you love from enjoying all of you, or caused you to avoid someone that could very much love you? Has your past experiences held you back from enjoying life, 'with all your heart?' Has someone else's experiences held you back? Are you aware that just because 'it' happened that way for 'them' doesn't signify that 'it' will happen that way for you? Maybe for them, 'it' wasn't to be, and going the direction they are in, is the way for them. Comparison, in many incidents, is actually not healthy to perform, when regarding oneself. Hope this is thought provoking, because this topic has been weighing on me for months, and I am finally putting everything in it's proper place. Took me sometime to truly understand, within myself, what was transpiring, however, now that I understand, I am taking this opportunity to share this subject with you.

Business: How are you in making business decisions? Are you 'led by your heart?' (as the saying goes) Or are you allowing proper judgement to be executed when rendering a decision about a business, your business or business situations? How do you process those decisions? Are you aware if they are from your heart or mind, or 'gut?' ('gut' - that is another blog for another day, not today). In business, most decisions are to be with sound judgement, most being 65% of the mind, and I leave the other 25% available for the heart to send data, in order to properly obtain a solution to whatever decision is being made. Leaving out the heart, in most, if not all decisions is in fact, inhumane. As the world is 100% humanly occupied, and each of us are created with a purpose, and we wouldn't be alive without that one precious, necessary, profound and delicate organ. To me, rendering any decision in business requires the heart, maybe 25% of the time, and the mind 65% of the time, and the 'gut' is 10%. Many have made a 'gut' decision and won many good things in business because of it. All the while, allowing their heart and mind to 'gargle' the issue being performed or the decision being made. Have you examined what is your decision maker regarding your business? Have you left out any of these factors? - -Your Heart - Your Mind - Your Gut? The mind would follow suit with sound documentation such as research, data, information, stock markets, availability, or necessity, and so on. (in case your wondering) It is important to reflect and check, just in case you might not perceive this to be important for your business or the business world, remember - we all belong to one race, it's the Human Race.

Per my poem, "We Are All Different & Yet The Same, We All Have A Heart & A Soul That Remains, We All Connect, You & Me, It's The Way Life's Is Meant To Be...CoLoR!" (c) DeAnna Shipman 2003, 2006, 2011, 2014

Today is a good day, I hope your heart is in good working order, emotionally, relationally, and in any business sense necessary for you. As always, I'm wishing the best, for the best, That's You! Until we meet...

All the Best!

His~ DeAnna XoXo

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