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Insanity of P-A

No picture necessary (added one anyway - depicting a light at the end of someone's tunnel) unless someone can depict insanity and evil in one piece of art without creating a face, and I don't want to waste my time attempting it.

There once was a hill that had a nasty girl. Her nasty attitude, character and demeanor caused a lot of grief. She pointed fingers, hid her ways, and put on a "nice show" but never knew how to grow.

She studied to obtain a title, one that would give her clout without doubt. Those who see that "pretty little title" aren't aware of the madness behind it. She claims and she roars, her insanity drives her more.

Insecure, and an emotional wreck, she seeks the lives of others to wreck.

Clueless to life and how to be, she throws every stone or stick she can see, only to block you and me from doing the things we love to be. She doesn't know how to connect, it's all fraud - What The Heck!

She stalks and pursues those she envies the most, she acts as if she is a ghost.

No worries my dear, I see you plain and clear.

As the little girl who wants but simply refuses to confront your own issues and disease.

Until you learn to look in the mirror, you'll continue down the road you're on.

Do exclude me from your little trip, as that is not my life's path to take.

Only yours - until you see your own mystery - life will continue down that path you see.

I'd offer to help, but your "little title" won't let you.

Now let me be, as I have my own shoes to wear.

Live your own life - if you dare.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste - even if you think - or pace.

Understand and Know - life's not all about you - I have my gifts - and you do too.

Accept who YOU ARE - Love others for WHO THEY ARE - In that, is Life - and How to Live it.

Respect it - or - Be Done With It.

In Either perception - Get out of my way - As I understand Life and will continue My Way.

We are not kindrid - Not even close - It's unfortunate for you - However, I won't allow myself to fall into your traps or snares or your evil little glares.

I dare you to learn how to be a person of truth.

Be gone from me. There's no connection.

Your stones, sticks and jealousy tricks are not my way to be.

Only Love, Life and Liberty! That's Me!


#DoYoU #BeYourBest #Overcomer #UnityinDiversity #Changeyourways #Respect #BeYoU #LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #DeAnnaXoXo #BeautifulDay

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