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Realities of Life - Unfortunately

'Realities of Life' category is the experiences I've had to endure over a long period of time. To be specific, since 2003. I've decided to chronicle all the events here in my blog. Name dropping, so what, you did it, and you didn't care that you were destroying my life, you didn't care that you hurt me or my family, and you didn't care what I have had to endure. Therefore, I don't care that I drop your name like a ton of bricks. For anyone and everyone to read about.

What have I done in life so bad to deserve such treatment? Use my brain? Something that many lack doing? And somehow, that's my fault?

Na, bluntly stated, "Forget YOU!" I've made mistakes, and continue to make them, but I never devise a plan to destroy the life of anyone, EVER. As MANY have done toward me. Yet, Your plans have failed, and will continue to fail. Here's to the Realities of Life - Cheers!

Staying Me, whether you like it or not!

All the Best!

DeAnna XoXo

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