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With or Without ~

This is the captioned message that has appeared over and over again across my social media feed. This is a subliminal message that the social media was paid to repeatedly send my way in order to cause me to think that my poem or children's book was a failure, when it was not. Not in the least bit. This message was to cause doubt, and a loss of self-confidence. That didn't happen. What did happen, is I found myself angry. Very angry! And each time I read this message from the thieves, I acted out, or said things that caused parts of my character to fall away or tarnish. To their gain, and to my loss.

What I have learned, and have dealt with over the last 5.5 years is big corporations, educational facilities, and our government steal from the "little" people and make every attempt to cause them to destroy them self. It almost worked.

On December 23, 2016, I was t-boned by a man and his wife who resided in Waller, TX. He was paid to hit me. That accident was the beginning of the end of the reconciliation that was happening with my daughter and I. While going through medical treatment, I was sent to a doctor who prescribed medication for mentally ill patients, that I did not need, and yet, the doctor kept telling me that I need to "try it," because it has worked for concussions with other patients. I took two of those pills and couldn't even function for 48 hours each time. There was nothing medically sound by using them, so I refused the use of them. In February 2017, my head had severe issues. I was stumbling, and couldn't focus, and a lump had risen on the right side of my temple. So I proceeded to the emergency room in Tomball, TX, at the local hospital. While in the hospital a man entered my room as I was asleep, he had a needle in his hand. I awoke to him grabbing my arm so hard and pulling it upwards, and that's when I saw the needle. I screamed so loud, he ran out, the nurses ran in. My nurse informed me that he was only supposed to be checking my vitals. Then she went looking for him, and he was no where to be found. I told her about the needle. She checked and there wasn't a sign of him, for a while. Then the nurse said, he was only going to check my vitals. I informed her that he was NOT checking my vitals, not at all. He never entered my room again, and Tomball Hospital charged me $11,000 to sleep in their stinky hospital bed for less than 24 hours. They claimed that the only issue I had was "sinuses." Yet, the neurologist stated that I had a concussion and attempted to force me to take insanity pills. WTF!?1?

I have to write all this out. Because more and more keeps happening. And I am doing my best to keep life, LIFE, for me.

To be continued.....

Peace & Love Always,

DeAnna XoXo

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #ColorWeAllConnect #BeYourBest #UnityinDiversity #Respect #WeAllConnect #PeaceofMind #DeAnnaXoXo

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