Friends like these...

Dear Bill, You Are Missed, & Not Forgotten!

A friend indeed is hard to find or have these days.

They are not as common now as the days that have gone by. Technology has made its' way into our lives and has changed the way we connect and stay connected. Instead of allowing lives to transpire, then discuss, snoopers listen to the "now" situations without knowing the past about the situation. I am glad to have had the experience of life and friendship prior to technologies invasion.

I am remembering an old friend, one who was helpful, kind, opinionated, and didn't mind listening to things that he didn't agree with, and was simply a friend who listened. A rare gem. He helped many research and dig to lead them in the directions they were pursuing. He didn't ask for anything in return. Funny at times too, especially when it came to hard times, he would throw out something so crazy that I couldn't help but laugh, even though I was crying.

He spoke so well of his family, wife and children, always keeping them at the forefront when engaged in conversation. Someway he'd always have a story to compare a situation to regarding his life and his family. That, to me, was very respectful.

He helped me in many things regarding my heritage, and for that I say THANK YOU BILL! Although we shared online, I was blessed to have ventured home, and meet him in person. He told me a lot regarding the history of our common ancestors. He was a brilliant man, with a lot of knowledge, knowledge that he shared to inform the people and to help the people. Which he didn't mind doing.

Grateful, I am, for having had met such a wonderful person that Creator brought to this earth, to have been a friend to him, as he was a friend to me. 100% Respect!

Thank you Bill for being a friend to many, and to me! You're not forgotten! Not at all!

Rest in peace my friend! Until we meet again! Soar with the Eagles!

Your Friend Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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