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Oh A HUG! How precious is a hug! A gift indeed is a true HUG! Sometimes a hug is like medicine. Sometimes a hug is a cure. Sometimes a hug could save a persons life.

A HUG, a simple Hug, can be a cure-all indeed. How nice it is to receive a sincere hug. Not manipulatively, not deceivingly, not invasively, and not grotesque. A true, warm, and sincere hug, one that says, "I care about your well being, I care about your peace of mind, I care, I simply care about you!"

A Hug, how nice it is, to be embraced, to be held, to be in the arms of someone who understands, without any deception or manipulation. But with an open heart and mind allowing another to be free and at peace, and ease. In A hug!

Have you shared a hug with someone you care about today?

Have you stopped and just hugged without any ulterior motives, except to embrace or be embraced? Well, if you haven't, might I suggest, you allow yourself to give or get a hug today?

You never know, it could be all that you need.

A hug from me to you (via my little .gif up there)! I hope your day is filled with beautiful words, someone(s) who care about YOU, and treasure the YOU that you are!

Stay Awesome, Stay Wonderful, Stay Handsome or Beautiful, but no matter what, STAY YOU!

Have a hug filled day!

As always - ALL THE BEST!


DeAnna XoXo

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #ColorWeAllConnect #BeautifulDay #BeYourBest #UnityinDiversity #EveryoneCounts #Respect #DoYoU #PeaceofMind #Overcomer #DeAnnaXoXo

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