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There comes a time...

There comes a time in a persons life when enough is simply enough. I am saying that right now. There is no need to hold back or to hide. I have nothing left to hide. With the age of technology upon all of us, a person never really knows what is or isn't hidden somewhere within a room or shower or bathroom. It's violating, it's uncomfortable, it's invasive, and it's downright wrong!

I'm not going to hold anything back anymore and if someone doesn't like, well, that's too damn bad! You have never walked in my shoes, nor taken the time to walk aside them.

Over the past few years too much has happened. Consistently, and with a relentlessness that simply wouldn't quit. No one truly cares about how much they expose, nor do they care that they weren't anywhere around in the earlier days of a person's life before they make a 'judgement or tidbit of exposure' regarding their current decisions. And again, it's flat out wrong. In order to get the story straight, a person has to come face to face with the liars and "haters" of sorts. Or do they? Let them wonder, some say. Let them say whatever they want, some say. Well, in doing so, their false allegations and rumors cause tremendous harm to the people living their life according to the way they choose to live it.

Take for example the current nightmare we have as Americans. A nonstop tweeting President who has zero consideration of the Americans who voted him into office. I write that laughingly, knowing that not a single vote does anything for a presidential election. Those seats are predetermined. The lower seats really are vote-able and count, just not presidential seats.

The current nightmare came about because of the previous president who forced this nonsense upon the American people with his charade of the muslim faith and forcing people of the christian faith to become aggressive. I suppose it was expected that christian's are to be passive, and tolerant, much like a bunch of pansies. I firmly disagree. A true Christian is not a pansy by any means, and we are not supposed to fight about our faith either. Nor are we to become offended if someone decides they don't want to choose the same faith. If they don't want to, they don't have to. Plain and Simple! As for all the fighting baboons, it's obvious you didn't read your bible for yourself, and simply listened to some pastor who spat out his or her thoughts regarding the bible, which in itself is contrary to the Word. And to clarify, YES I CALLED YOU A BABOON!

Any human being can drive through any town or city and find at least 10, that's TEN different Christian churches within the same town! Why is that? The simple reason is because it is a business, not a congregation of faith!!! Not a house of prayer!!! Not what it was called or required to be! All of these so called pastors are hypocrites! Thieves, stealing from you daily! Desperate to make "numbers" instead of fellowship members! I am so sick of it! More people find themselves angry with God, when it is misdirected, they should be angry with what MAN does, which has been the scenario since the beginning of time.

Why is it that pastors have a flourishing household, yet their members are broke? How is that? And the members are okay and content with it? How is that even possible? They revolt against the government, yet they say nothing to the pastors? The pastors are literally following the ways of the government, when in the Word, it states the complete opposite! And not one reference is being written in this blog because YOU have to look it up for yourself! Prove me wrong! I double dog dare you to try! Call me the schmuck, if you dare, and say that I have no clue what I'm writing about. Go ahead. Your spirit will convict you before you even finish the sentence! Because Holy Spirit will rise up so strong before you finish reading this, that it is impossible for it not to. Unless you are more than a baboon and simply an absolute idiot.

Have you ever taken the time to truly read about the tithes or are you stuck on Malachi for the ultimate reference regarding the tithe? Did you know that you aren't suppose to give it until after THREE, that is 3 years? Look at the parable of the sower, when the land owner gave 10, 5 and 1. The land owner left and returned, the guy with the 10 made a significant profit, the 5 made a profit, and the guy with the 1 buried it, claiming at least he could give back what was given, and what happened next? Huh? What happened? The guy with the 1 was thrown to the curb and kicked out! Why? Why did that happen? The land owner explained it clearly, "At least you could have put it in a bank (or storage of sorts) to obtain an interest! The interest alone would give YOU a profit! So I ask you, What do you think all these disgustingly wealthy pastors are doing with YOUR tithes? With YOUR profits? With YOUR food, rent, car payments, land payments, and mortgages? Making a profit! A fat profit at that! And all of you pansies are just ho-humming through life thinking it is okay! And it is not okay!!! Not for one second!

When are you going to wake-up? When it is too late? I am going day by day losing a part of myself, it seems, everyday, and I am becoming very upset with the way Christians are allowing the church to fall. You are responsible, You! You are accountable, YOU! When the day comes that you have to answer for what you allowed to happen, don't start crying, because you will be crying in the wind!!!

If you don't believe in Jesus, that's fine, I don't care, and neither did Jesus. He wouldn't even bother entering your city because He knew that no faith resided there, therefore nothing remotely close to any sort of miracle would even happen. So why do all of you who claim Him get so fired up when someone says anything opposite of Him? You are a hypocrite! That's why!


Okay, for the moment, this night, I'm done. But don't worry, (which also a sin and contrary to the Word) I have way more to say to the house of hypocrites living in USA!

Good day!

Righteously Angry!


#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #Repent #EveryoneCounts #Jesus #Changeyourways #PeaceofMind

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