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I have this thing for fire. Not sure why, but I really like how with fire there are multiple purposes. To cook with, to warm yourself on a winter's day with, to ignite a rocket that will go into space, and to get rid of stuff that can't be traced. Well, unless you know how to put ashes back into place to recreate a document. Which I'm thinking someone on earth is probably making an attempt to figure out.

The picture is from a really fun bonfire day back in 2014. Those days will come again!

This article today is to highlight my soundcloud account that has not been forgotten but has been put on a back burner of sorts ever since 2014. Well, I'm bringing it back to life! :) Yeah Me!

The location is:

Enjoy! More coming soon!

Stay Well, and as always, All the Best!

DeAnna XoXo

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #DoYoU #BeautifulDay #BeYourBest #ColorWeAllConnect #UnityinDiversity #DeAnnaXoXo #Respect #Overcomer #PeaceofMind #Changeyourways

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