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The Poem was Originally written:

January 14, 2014.

Copyright 2014

All Rights Reserved

There is a lot to say when a person admits to making a mistake. It is sometimes, very hard to do. It also takes a toll on a persons health if they remain in denial.

I enjoy watching some movies. The movies that have a lesson within them, and movies with excellent actors. The movie I watched this week was Goodwill Hunting starring Robin Williams, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. There are multiple lessons in that movie, one of them that stuck out this time around was Mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 and not always a friend, but if the lesson is received, accepted, understood, and then acted upon appropriately, a person might not make the same mistake more than 5 times. I've never known a single human being who can say they only made one mistake in a certain area and never repeated it. To me, that is a lie if a person states it. It's human nature to repeat. History repeats itself, history is a part of Human Nature.

"Mistakes" by DeAnna Shipman

(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.

We All make mistakes.

We don’t all admit to them.

We are all given lessons by them.

We don’t all learn from them.

~~~ Some repeat the same one often.

While others learn the first time.


Many would die to take it back.

Many would kill to cover it up.


A Mistake is not Rare!

And yet, many act as if it were, as the rarest of jewels. The Lord says, “Forgive 7 X 70 times in 1 day!” And You will BE forgiven.


Mistakes will be made.


I make them.



Today, and this past week, I am reflecting upon the losses over the past 6 years. So much time wasted. Time is one of, if not the most, valueable item each human being has. So much of it has been lost, stolen, and deterred, for me. There are no regrets with my mistakes, just lessons. Some I wish I could have a re-do or do-over, but I don't know if it would be for the best.

Nevertheless, I have made a lot of mistakes. There are many things I know and understand, and there are many things I don't know and don't understand. Everyday is a cycle of continuious learning, for those who desire to learn, and I am one of them. I can't obtain a do-over with the previous people in which mistakes were made, but I can have a do-over daily in simply Living.

Waking up everyday, to me, is a do-over, and an opportunity to do my best in whatever my path takes me across. I'm very glad for that, and I hope you are too.

Here's to making mistakes and having daily do-overs! May you make less with regard to the same one and may you learn from each one! Much like wine, with Time, Everything becomes better!

Stay Well, and All the Best!

DeAnna XoXo (pseudonym)

#LoVeLiFeLiBeRtY #DoYoU #BeautifulDay #ColorWeAllConnect #BeYourBest #UnityinDiversity #EveryoneCounts #PeaceofMind #BeYoU #DeAnnaXoXo

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