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...Just Flow...

Roll with the punches, "they say," and yet, sometimes it's not so easy to do that. As accustomed as I am to rolling with the punches, I cannot say that I have always done it so eloquently. Because I haven't. Nevertheless, I did roll...with what was thrown at me.

Just flow is about going with it, even if you disagree with it. Whatever the "IT" may be. It's hard, because there are some who are in positions that can manipulate, control, distort, and destroy, anyone and everyone, that attempts to stand in their way.

Unfortunately, for the majority, that includes you, and me. "What can we do about it?", you might ask. Well, simply stated, NOTHING, that's, NO THING!

Accepting that you are powerless to a situation, is one of the hardest factors to accept. One of the hardest factors to swallow, and one of the hardest factors to endure. Nevertheless, it must be done. Accepting powerlessness is a strength. If "they" think you cannot accept that fact, "they" feel strong, and you appear weak. "They" like that. "They" thrive off of your weakness. Let "them" think it. And, in turn, Know within yourself, "they" are so very wrong. That in itself, is strength.

So, next time you have to "roll with the punches," just accept your powerlessness factor quickly, so you don't exhaust your own inner strength, and lose your ability to Just Flow! There is nothing wrong with accepting factors that are literally out of your control. That is actually brilliantly done, and to "them," it will not be highly accepted. But, who truly cares what "they" like or think? I don't, and I hope you don't either.

To end today's thoughts, Just Flow, because it will give you strength, and it will cause them to ponder, if for only three seconds you have a bit of power, enjoy those three seconds, it might turn into a minute some day or even go into hours!

Keep doing you and Just Flow!

Stay well, and all the best, ALWAYS!

Peace & Love from Above!

DeAnna XoXo!

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