Thinking Much Lately?

Is it right? Is it okay? Should I? Shouldn't I? Do I? Don't I? Will I be okay? Am I okay? Is it too risky? Is it acceptable? What will "they," think?

Sometimes overthinking a situation can be the problem. Do you base your decisions upon the reactions of others? Or do you base them upon yourself? If you are in a relationship - serious partner or marriage, well, then yes you are basing your decisions upon their opinion and possible response. But if not, then you've to think about yourself when making decisions.

Are you thinking about going to college? Buying a car? Going on vacation? Attending a seminar in another country or state? Starting a business? All of these items are real and valid questions. However, many times a person will overthink the situation and think themselves right out of doing what they truly desire. Very possibly allowing another to take their dream or desire and discard it, only leaving them with frustration or regret.

Have you found yourself with regrets from not moving forward in your decisions? Well, if you are still breathing, then most likely, you can still do what you've always wanted. Sometimes, desires are based upon age or health abilities. In those cases then maybe you can't, and yet, maybe you can.

Today I am pondering the what-ifs in life, and how many people struggle in their lives because of the what-ifs, they did or didn't do. How many of you are walking around pondering the what-ifs, and have resentment, frustration, or anger inside that causes you to feel depressed and violent at times? Have you considered the what-ifs to be the reason for any of your issues? They are valid, and the issues are real. Don't neglect who you are just because someone else doesn't believe in you. You believe in You! Doubt kills more dreams than anything else. Are you doubting yourself? Allow me to make my best attempt to help you, be you!

Maybe today is the day to conquer your what-ifs and cause them to become Oh-Yeahs instead! That would be awesome! Or, how about, I Did It! Before it's too late! Don't overthink it, relax, and embrace who you are! You never know the benefits that could come from accomplishing your smallest of dreams. Maybe that is what ails you in life because you allowed too many what-ifs to pass you by. Meanwhile, losing your joy, passions, and dreams. A part of you was diminishing. How about today you take back your what-ifs and make them Oh-Yeahs while giving yourself the ability to truly Live!

I hope I lit a spark within you today, inspiring your Oh-Yeahs! You Only Have One Life! Love the Life You Live and Live the Life you Love! Only in that can you can truly embrace Your LiBeRtY! Do you and be free and make it an Oh-Yeah kind of day!

Have a Beautiful Day, Everyday!

His Peace & His Love Always! DeAnna XoXo

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