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Learning is Living!

Learning is Living! Everyday I have always sought to learn something new. It doesn't matter where I am, or who I am with, or what I am doing. To me, there is always something to learn. The attitude I have always had, is actually a mindset. Now-a-days, the term Mindset is very popular. One that is used in many formats, and on many levels. People are teaching this in educational facilities now too.

It was never taught to me, it was something that I found to be true as to who I am. Recently, I discovered, that this is not typical amongst many people, and this attitude and characteristic must be taught. Which I found odd, but in fact, it is true. For example, I live by my own codes, what I thought were common, are actually not common. They are now being taught within primary education, college and university levels. Nice! But wait a second, What about me? I am wondering, where do I fit in all this?

Ever since I wrote my poem and made, "We All Connect" public, my life has changed dramatically. Instead of having sincere connections with people, they pry and invade. Since 2014 my life has been turned upside down, and inside out. My family and "friends" are no longer there. What little I had left, has been severed, and stolen. Not one single sincere connection came about from my publication. Nope, NOT ONE.

Living is Learning. This whole situation has been an experience, one of which, I do not want to repeat. One that I believe has been more of a type of curse. People test me to see if this is actually how I feel without ever making a true and sincere connection. Well, I question the sincerity of their testing. I question everything about every person who enters my life now, when I had never done that previously. Now I trust no one, not even in the beginning, as before.

Living is Learning. I've discovered that 90% of people are fake. They have ulterior motives for creating a connection. Not even keeping it, simply creating it. And I don't want those connections. If a motive other than sincerity is involved, I will be perfectly blunt, and boldly honest, STAY AWAY. YOU SERVE ONLY HURT AND I DON'T WANT ANYMORE OF THE HURTS. I am way to familiar with hurt.

Living is Learning. When a person wants something out of someone, ask.

Living is Learning. When a person enjoys a persons character, from afar, join or connect with them.

Living is Learning. When a person is unfamiliar, yet wants or is interested to know, connect.

Connection on a true level has no boundaries.

Connection on a true level is real.

Connection on a true level is sincere.

When there is no boundaries, when it's real, and it's sincere, many amazing 'things' come from it. The things could be businesses, organizations, events, education, arts, music, and the list could go on for days. Even better governments or communities can be developed from true, real, sincere and boundarieless connections. When I make the statement of 'No Boundaries', this is to say that each person is comfortable with the connection that has been developed. There is always a boundary of sorts, or many, but in the big picture of the connection, trust has been established, comfort has been established, the awkwardness of making mistakes or even burping has faded. Those to me, are boundaries. When all the "beginning stages" of connection have faded, and the connection is established, then the boundaries have dissipated. Living is Learning.

Are you being sincere, true and real in making connections? Or are they just Networks, Connections, or a name on a list of people you would call for something you need (at a moment, not in life)?

Are you truly Learning as You Live? Well, LEARNING IS LIVING. Are you Living? Are You Learning?

My thoughts today. TAG U'r It! Stay well, Learning is Living! All the best!

DeAnna XoXo

#ColorWeAllConnect #BeYourBest #EveryoneCounts #WeAllConnect #PeaceofMind #Changeyourways #MakeAChoice #UnityinDiversity

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