God Never Said

(Originally written August 31, 2018)

God Never Said By DeAnna Shipman-XoXo 8-31-2018

God never said to live alone, He did say allow yourself time alone. God never said to judge people, He did say judge your own actions and behavior.

God never said to point out another person's flaws, He did say to reflect upon your own. The problem is everyone wants to be God, or at least act as if they are one. In John it states that we are gods, but we are Not God. The sense that the verse is speaking of, is that we are accountable for ourselves. We are accountable for everything that we are or ever will be, and do or say. Even when we are wrong. Taking our errors into account by rectifying them accordingly is imperative. To yourself, and to others. To the other is more important, as self gratification is meaningless, but to make peace with another is the greatest of all, and usually the hardest to perform, at first. Being isn’t simply existing, but living, not just in the moment but in Life, to truly live each moment. Taking account, taking responsibility, taking action, taking care of what is and was bestowed upon us. Not taking anything, ANY THING, for granted. Knowing a few things first, as we take account. What to know: We live in a very small world. We only have one world. Nothing is given but earned, even if you think it is given, their giving was done by your attributes or characteristics. Today, your alive. Tomorrow, you may not be. Tonight, you might not be. Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow is not promised. Recognise the today’s, today. In a moment of time, that time being .001 seconds, a life somewhere is dying. In a moment of time, that time being .001 seconds, a life somewhere is born. In a moment of time, that time being .001 seconds, a life somewhere is living. This reality can be spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional. In your mind you have conversations. In your heart you have conversations. In your spirit you have conversations. In your physical you have conversations. What are you saying? How are you responding? How are you acting? What do you look like as your holding these conversations? Where are you? When is it, in the morning, afternoon or evening? Do you recognise yourself during each conversation? Are you aware? Unaware? Conscious? Unconscious? Awake? Sleeping? God never said to be greedy, with ANY THING, He said to share, to give, and to love. God never said to be hateful, He said to hate the sin, not the person, and Jesus did say to hate all others and love Him first. When we make decisions, we are to make them in accordance to the Word. Does it line up with the Word? Much like science. A scientist won’t perform a lab experiment unless he knows the laws or rules to perform the experiment. Even if the experiment has never been performed before, there are laws and rules within science itself that requires certain methods to be followed. Each step is carefully performed and documented as to show proof of the each result. For example, let’s take gravity. We see gravity as a law. Even though, I myself, see it as a force. Gravity holds us and things down to the ground. Or does it? We see the atmosphere of the first level of earth to be filled with gravity. But is it? I say no. It is a force, not actual gravity. Why a force? (you might ask) Because, if, gravity were simply gravity, then why when a droplet is on a leaf or a wall doesn’t gravity automatically pull it down? If gravity were the real reason for us standing on the ground, then the droplet would always fall to the ground. The only way a droplet falls to the ground is with weight. Once the weight has reached its capacity, then and only then does it fall to the ground. To me, gravity doesn't exist. Gravity is spiritual. Each item is called in and to its place. Gravity was discovered or experimented and called gravity. The force itself is the earth's pivot. We stand on the ground because the earth pivots. The speed is not important, but the pivoting is. Without the pivoting, the earth wouldn’t have its pull, which holds us to the ground. Why if something goes up, must it come down? Because the earth is pivoting, constantly, never stopping. How do we know this? First, the items that have left the third realm of the atmosphere do not have a force, it is too far from the earth. Each level of sphere between the earth and the moon is a total of three. (And no one has been to the moon) Each one having different levels or strengths of force and or pull. The closest one to the earth is the strongest. Each level afterwards decreases its strength. As an item enters the atmosphere it increases its’ speed to the earth due to the force or pull gravitating towards the earth. The center itself is the center of the earth. The hottest place on earth is the center of the earth which causes a force or a pull towards the earth as the earth is pivoting. Take for example fire, a flame itself is hot but there are levels of heat within the flame itself. The initiating point usually is the hottest, where the external part decreases its’ heat. All of science is created by God. Not to be worshipped but understood. Not to gravitate towards it but to realize it and to utilize it, so we, ALL, can connect and become who and what we were each meant to become. I am La Reina Moonlight. I am Queen of Moonlight. I am a light in the darkness. I am a lover of the people and the earth, along with the sun and stars, but, I do not worship any of it, as I know each are temporal not eternal. I am deaths enemy, I am not death's friend. Death itself is a being. Death, too, has its place, not one to be discussed, at least not as of yet. God said, He is first and He is the last, He did not say anything else regarding His place. It is man who said it. We are in the middle, between him, and with him, for him, and him alone. Once this is understood, things might go in a more delightful path. But, until then, chaos will continue to exist and death will have its’ reign. I hate death. The only being I hate. With ALL my love to the One LoVe I have, God, Himself. Your Daughter, Your Friend, And Your Bride, Beloved: DeAnna XoXo DeAnna Shipman-XoXo August 31, 2018 12:33 pm

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