2019 Is Here! WAKE-UP!

Oh whoa! Here we go, 2019 is here.  We walk into it with a government shutdown.  "The WALL, We need the wall!" ~President Trump states.  

My question to all this madness, is "Why are we questioning laws that have been in place for almost three centuries?"  Even immigrants from other countries, who arrived legally, enduring the prcess, are wondering why USA would tolerate the push for allowing illegal immigration.  Even they state, "Go to another country, act like this or that, and you simply die or go missing." ~Legal Immigrant.  "Why is USA allowing this?  I didn't come here to have the same insanity as my own country!" ~Legal Immigrant.  "Why did I endure the process, only for them to give it away now?  I waited years to be accepted and followed the process!" ~Legal Immigrant.  

Well, I concur with every statement they've made.  I think this shutdown is bringing division with those who arrived legally, with those who arrived illegally.  Even though somewhere down the line, someone arrived illegally making way for some to arrive legally, in my opinion.  As for their statements regarding their own governments insanity, and USA allowing the same behavior, well that was quite embarrassing, to say the least.  Why the show USA?  Democratic party, why the manipulation of minds, when you know that you don't care one bit for the immigrants, pretty much on any level other than obtaining their finances, votes and voices.  With that comes 'your' power.  Using them, as they were used in their own countries.  I find that appauling, disrespectful, and abusive.  They've endured enough.

Understanding that the 'Power People' believe the world is over popuated and they want to feed their need for death and destruction, maybe create a few thriller/horror films from the many travesties that are taking place, wordwide, I find all of it disgusting.  Their reason, their desires, their hate, their lies and manipulation, introducing psychology and removing faith.  Forcing people to choose between love and hate.  However, in their twisted nonsense, they are actually able to say that the people chose for themselves because, in fact, they are.

A few quesitons for your mind to grasp.  Are you aware that daily you are being programmed to think in a certain format?  Are you aware that you are being programmed to like or dislike certain things?  Are you aware that you are being programmed to hate or to love? (but love really isn't their choice of words, it's another one, and I will let you figure that out)  Are you aware that what is happening to you has been preplanned for the masses for almost 50+ years or longer?

I will give you a tiny example.  I grew up watching my mom working at night with Southwestern Bell, who merged wth At & T in 1995.  She was a switchboard operator.  There were walls of "holes", connection points, for phone systems throughout United States and worldwide.  And then there were cords, loads of electrical cords extending everywhere, like a big spiderweb, connected here and there.  Multiple rows of these walls within one room that connected the world.  And the ladies on rolling stools who supplied the connection.  She was employed with them, performing this duty for ten+ years.  While she worked, sometimes we were there, because it was overnight and she had it cool like that, and we could go to work with her, sometimes.  When someone would call, the ladies would be sitting on a rolling stool, they'd take the call and roll to the connecting hole that the cord had to be connected to in order for the call to engage.  I always found this fascinating and I discovered then what I know now, that "they've" been listening to everyone for over fouty years.  When the calls were being made, even we could hear them.  But it was hard to decifer who was who  because so many conversations were happening simultaneously.  Only when a juicy word would popup, every once in a while, that would catch the ear of the ladies, would the snooping begin, but once it did, the snooping was on.  They'd listen to every word, laugh, giggle, gasp and the like, all the while maintaining their attitude of "it's just a job".  You never knew and they never told you, but they told all your neighbors.  

So, you have any of that happening lately, ya know, let's say for about ten years now?  Yeah, it's easier now, technology gives you the ability to decifer the multitudes now, and helps record all of it to use against you.

Privacy ended when phones were created.  Think about that, then think about my earlier statement of the decision to terminate human existence for over 50+ years.  What is happening is no coincidence.  Pastors claiming to be prophets when they just snoop.  And many of you believe them, no worries, I did too, until I realised they were just snoopers stealing from the masses and manipulating them in order to gain their trust and eccentially have control over them.  

When are the masses going to wake-up?  

To the voluntary overthrow of the government, and big business?  


Just a screenshot of my googled search of WHEN PHONES WERE INVENTED AND PLACED IN HOMES, 1876 people, 1876!!!

All the Best to everyone!

God Love Ya!


DeAnna XoXo

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