I've Discovered...

I've discovered that there isn't much that people won't do in order to obtain what they want, as opposed to what is right in what they want. Some tend to be a little more uglier than others, and some maintain a healthy demeanor. In life when pursuing your desires, what is your character or attitude or demeanor? Will you trample anyone along the way just to obtain it? Will you lie? Will you cheat? Will you destroy another for your own self "glory"? What happens in the end of your road? What happens along that road? Do you think of others, or simply yourself while on that road? Or, does any of those questions even matter, to you?

In the recent voting fiasco for Texas, California, Florida, and Georgia, it seemed very ugly to me in the manner in which each state held their debates, media announcements, news outlet reports, and even the community parties when engaging with one another. How are we, as a nation, ever going to resolve any issues if we are constantly tearing one another down? How are we, as a nation, ever going repair the dismay within our communities?

Take a look at the atrocities that have transpired in our nation, as a whole. The hurricanes, and now more wildfires. Do you truly think those would occur if our nation was in unity with one another, even in our differences? I think not. With respect, much is gained, with compassion, much is gained, with understanding, much is gained. But where is the compassion, or the respect, or the understanding? Where is our UNITED States of America? In utter chaos from sea to shining sea! That's where.

In discovery there must understanding in truth and in reflection. Won't YOU take the time to reflect upon YOURSELF before going any further to destroying the One Nation of the World? Because we are One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Always have been, and always will be, at least that is my hope, So I've discovered.

Peace to all. His Love to all.

DeAnna XoXo


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