Wind in my Sail!

Have you ever felt like if anything else happens you will to burst! Well, I had that moment yesterday. And for the first time, I said, "I Quit." When I said those words it ate my heart so hard, that I disappointed myself.

Today, I had to handle more issues, that keep arising. It appears that a few people have been very naughty and busy playing with my school, federal and email accounts and my united states postal services.

The beautiful thing is, they hacked a Federal Website! Yes oh Yes they Did! Frustrating as it is and was, I'm okay, but now I have a new outlook, "How Awesome it is!"

On July 13, 18, 19, and 25th of 2018, they played with my Federal account. Thank You! Thanks for thinking of me, lets me know how I am truly on the right track!

How much do you think of me?

Is it you who keeps hacking my cell phone?

Is it you who keeps following me?

Is it you who keeps hacking my emails so I am unable to obtain an office job?

Is it you who keeps hacking the employers websites and their HR Departments database?

Is it you? I must keep you very busy!

So, today blog post is for the person(s) who are in love with me!

HiYA! Yeah gosh, thanks for all the hateful and insane attention!

My life must eat you up, daily!

Guess What...It's going to become magnificent from here!

I bet you'll be watching! Okay, you sneaky freak You(s)!

Have a Superb Day!

Don't forget to think of ME!

His Peace & His Love Always~

DeAnna XoXo

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