Color...We All Connect

I wonder if you realize. I wonder if you truly understand. I wonder what will be if we could truly connect.

Everything that is happening is so hard for many to comprehend. In their place in life, in their style of life, in their "class" of life, do you really understand the hand of God that touches us ALL.

Although we are all different, yet the same, He touches each of us in unique and wonderful ways. Some experience Him in ways that no one could believe, and yet, others experience Him in the only way they can understand, through man.

In the Word, clearly stated, We Cry Out to Him, and He hears our cry and responds. What a wonderful place this can or could truly be if We All Connect.

Life really is short. This World we ALL live in, really is small. Some say we can live more than once, some say we only live once. I say LiVe Each Day, because we never know what another moment might bring. Every second, of every minute, of every hour, Of Every Day; truly there is no other way.

Won't you consider connecting, without wicked intent? Won't you consider letting go of your fears? Won't you consider not destroying what you don't understand? Won't you?

LiFe begins, Where fear Ends! LoVe begins, Where hate Ends! LiBeRtY begins, Where domination Ends!

Think about that. Truly think about that. Let it sink into your every pore, without You, the reader, I wouldn't be writing. Without You the inventor I wouldn't desire. Without You the people, we wouldn't even be. Won't you The People consider connecting with me, and making this World, WE ALL LIVE IN, a better place to be? Won't You? Will You? For You and Me!

As always, stay well, in LoVe, in LiFe and in LiBeRtY!

His LoVe & His Peace Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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