Time and Times Past

There are days when the reminder of the past gives peace and there are days when it does not.

Two lessons come from this, and then it comes down to just one. Forgiveness and Trust, then to Love.

This isn't easy, sometimes it's extremely hard, I do my best, but often times I tend to mess up somehow in something with someone, that I do have love for.

In the two, forgiveness and trust, each individual must have love. With love comes forgiveness and trust. I have wondered and wandered on many levels to find the truth in matters of Love, Life and Liberty. The answer I received is: in ALL I do or am involved in, Everything must be done for His Glory, even if No One understands, and in Love. Being free to be me means trusting him, forgiving ALL and love as best as I can in everything. The time is now, let go of the past and LiVe! ~💖 DeAnna XoXo

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