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Stand or Fall???

Are you standing or are you falling?

Do you know? Are you aware? Have you taken the time to look at what is the truth? Are you going by what your TV is telling you to believe? Do you investigate what you read, hear or see? Do you care? Do you think you're limited or limitless? What do you say or do you say? Does today have you quiet or fearful?

So many questions with so little time and so many heads and not enough true voices. It is important to ask questions and think for yourself.

After reading today's thread on twitter, my mind went to the usual place, QUESTIONING EVERYTHING! Does that happen to you or do you take what you read for granted, as the truth? I recall that a few years ago, more folks were willing to speak up and make a stand or at least be heard with intellect and truth. Some may have disagreed and you'd see a spat or two on threads. To me, that is okay to do, if done in a manner of understanding the matter, it is healthy to discuss an issue, no matter if either party agrees or disagrees. In the end, it is an issue that has been addressed for all to read and hear, in order to determine if it's right or wrong or to pursue. (not all but in many cases) Not for embarrassment or humiliation. But in discussing the issue. In 2016, many social media users were backing out of making their comments regarding pertinent issues. Falling, per se, to the fear of getting fired from their job, when the issues need to be brought to the forefront. Being worried that your employer might disagree with your comment isn't healthy, because of differing regards and perceptions, employers really need to be concerned about how the employee is while on the clock, not off of it. Wasn't this country developed by opinion and the perception that they had due to the tyranny and corruption they were suffering? Those who left their own country to come here to start a new one was done by and in opinion. Their opinion of the justice system at that time caused them to make a change in society by developing and creating a new one, not to be destroyed. Thank God for our Constitution! So what is happening now that is any different? What are you doing, Standing or Falling? Hope you know, because it is your call. Stay in LoVe, LiFe & LiBeRtY!

His Peace & His Love Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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