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Psalm 139:14

14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knows right well.

Sometimes we worry. Sometimes we feel fear. Sometimes we make mistakes, some little and some very big. Sometimes, we fail. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we are rejected. Sometimes we are hated. Sometimes we reject. Sometimes we hate. Sometimes we do great. Sometimes we are welcomed. Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes......that word could be used for almost anything we apply it to in our daily lives. However, the one thing that it cannot be applied to is the word of God. God's word is never, and yes I wrote never, a "sometimes". The word of God is always consistent and will not return void. No matter what happens. Not in our strength, power or way of life because we are not the author of it, we are the recipients of the word. The word was written and brought into existence for us, not against us.

No matter how much we try to do things and then mess it all up (in our own strength or power) God's word will fulfill itself. In today's verse, "marvelous are thy works" is what I'd like to highlight. His works are you and me, US! Do you read what it says? It says we are Marvelous! Even in our mistakes and messes, God thinks of us as marvelous! What a joy to know He thinks of me as marvelous, especially when there are times when I think the complete opposite!

The reason we are to renew our minds daily is because daily satan is doing everything he can to destroy the word in you and in your life! As God searches the hearts and minds of men and women, daily, to encourage you and bring glory to His name, so also is satan seeking whom he may devour. He, satan, goes to and fro searching who he can destroy, kill and steal from.

In conclusion to today's word, sometimes really doesn't matter when all the time God thinks of you as Marvelous! You are fearfully and Wonderfully made, In Jesus! May you be blessed today and everyday! XoXo!

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