Nothing says LoVe like...

Today, I will start off by writing what I tweeted. “Nothing says LoVe like a smile and a hug! XoXo!”

In a world where hate is doing all it can to override LoVe, we must make the decision within our own hearts to live in, walk in, be and do everything in LoVe.

Even if it means to hurt someone’s heart gently, by telling them the truth in LoVe. You might not like something, I might not like something, many may not like something, BUT if that dislike is told in LoVe, it will be accepted rather than dismissed or even worse, ignored.

There is too much happening in too little time, which is hard to keep track of, daily, in all the regions of the world. For me, racism is not a choice, since I am a Christian. Knowing that Jesus died for everyone to have the opportunity to be saved, if they choose to accept him as their savior. Therefore, I write this with an open mind and with the full spectrum of CoLoR in all races, tribes or tongues.

To LoVe is to inform. To LoVe is to cause someone to be aware of what is or isn’t good, true, right or wrong. To be silent is wrong, in many instances, when our voice must be heard, and there are times when silence is important and that too is love. Discretion and discernment are valuable tools for us. To avoid an issue, in many instances, is also wrong, because you are delaying the issue and most likely creating the issue to become bigger than what is should be. You can close your eyes and ears to what is going on around you, thinking that it will not affect you, if you simply act like or ignore what is happening, but it time it will affect you.

For your information, everything that is happening, truly is written in the bible. Even the internet is written in the bible, in the books of John and Revelation. “When all will see." How do you think all will simultaneously see the coming of our Lord? Do you think that we will all be outside at the same time? No. Not at all. Our time zones are not the same and the world is NOT flat. It is physically impossible unless Jesus is 150,000 miles in height. Or if Jesus were to put the world in his hand, maybe then, yes I think we would all see and some might even feel it.

Think about that for a second, can he actually put the world in his hand? The word says he can and does. What a small world we live in!

Time! Time & More Time! What now? What to do? What to say? What will we see? What will we hear? Are you aware of your surroundings? Are you aware of your neighbors? Are you aware of your local governing authorities? Are you aware of your local community efforts or events? Are you aware of the hurting, the dying, the hungry, the wealthy or the poor? Are you even aware at all of any thing?

Nothing says LoVe like being aware! Are you aware of your partner or spouse, your children or friends and extended family or colleagues?

Being aware is something I'm born with naturally, and at a moment in time, I thought it was like a curse of sorts. Sometimes it scared me and on many days it angered those who were around me. I would tell them what I saw or thought and they’d become angry with me, or reject me, my thoughts and words. Rejection has become a reaction that I am becoming more inclined to receive from folks. Lying is what I have noticed that people prefer, rather than truth. Also, many only want to hear what they want to hear rather than truth itself. Dreadful these days can be at times.

I will share an example, one day I was speaking with a lady, who was a very proud lady, and very much into her looks and appearance. She was lovely to look at and she had a very welcoming tone in her voice and her communication was pleasant at times. However, she had something green in her teeth, left over from her lunch or snack, and I informed her politely, to let her know that her beautiful smile was being tarnished from the green thing in her teeth. She became so angry with me for informing her, she literally started gossiping about me immediately afterwards. She ignored me from that point on. I did discretely tell her, but she was embarrassed and decided she didn’t like me pointing out a flaw with her perceived perfection, that was overwhelmingly being tarnished by her green tooth, and she had no clue about it.

Her green tooth was driving me mad because it stuck out like a sore thumb as I was listening and watching her speak. How many times has that happened with you or something similar to that situation? In LoVe, I informed her of her green tooth but she didn't like me causing her to be aware of it. It really didn’t matter how I approached her or told her, she refused me for telling her.

In that, I learned a great deal of how people receive information told to them about themselves. This has happened on many occasions. On the other hand, had I been a close friend, she might have said, “Girl thanks!” But I was unknown to her. Many fear the unknown. Therefore, they will attempt to destroy what is unknown to them out of fear. She continually gossiped about me afterwards and we never had the opportunity to become friends.

In my blog, I am informing the public of my thoughts and how I see it. I call it like I see it. Maybe my eyes are one of my gifts, or maybe it is the revelation given me on how I see or receive information and circumstances. All of this is done in LoVe, and yes I am imperfect on many (emphasis on many) levels. Daily attempting to do my best with many people and things, and with many it is a pointless effort since I am constantly rejected for my efforts. Nevertheless, I still do what I do and say what I say, In LoVe!

Nothing says LoVe like a smile and a hug! With a smile, I will tell you truth (not rudely or disrespectfully) and a hug I will give after you have received the data, whether it hurts you or encourages you, LoVe hugs in the good and the bad.

May you and yours stay aware of what is going on in every aspect of LiFe, LoVe and LiBeRtY for you and them. May you and yours prosper in LiFe, May you and yours receive LoVe and give LoVe, and May you and yours enjoy LiBeRtY, in everything, everywhere!

His Peace & His LoVe Always!

DeAnna XoXo

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