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Overcomers! We ARE!~

~We All Connect!!!

Everything that is happening is a test! As the worldly folks start to become entertained by death and blood, the earth itself is becoming sick. The earth itself is aching. Everything is a test! Do you see what is happening? The death of a gorilla that took a child? The death of a child that was taken by an alligator? Some sympathize with the gorilla more than they sympathize with the child or even the parents? Many attack the parents of the child, who has suffered the loss of their son, due to an angry alligator! Very backwards, very strange! The earth is angry! The earth is crying out! When did the life of a human become less valuable than an animal? She is screaming through the animals which are closer to her than humans. Oh! Let’s cut more trees and build a park! Oh! Let’s cut more trees and build a concrete center! Let’s cut more trees and create townhouses, apartments, subdivisions and the like! Oh! Let’s destroy only to build useless masses of nothingness that will only be left for destruction. Why is our current government creating all this only to be destroyed? Well, I know why. Many tribes have recently stood up to demand their rights of this land. Rightfully so, and I am glad to see them do it. However, the governing authorities have a plan, since they couldn’t breed them out, they will destroy it before they let it go. That’s why!

Then there is the “church”, a people who aren’t who they say they are. Many truly are, such as myself. However, many, and I mean many, are not. SO many pastors are “singing” or “acting” on the pulpit rather than teaching, or training the body of Christ. Why are pastors looking to entertain rather speak the word? Rather than teach the word? Rather than disciple the lost? Why is it that so many are looking to perform rather than be? Oh I know what it is! Surveillance! Now that we have cameras everywhere, folks are wanting to be the center of attention, you know, just in case they obtain that “15 minutes of fame” and receive 100 likes or maybe even 20 re-tweets. WoW! Technology! Technology! Technology! Even now, the Native Americans are entering the Hollywood world, and doing so by entertaining others with their tribal ways. As if the world truly needed to see it. In some ways yes, but many ways, NO! The dance is sacred! The prayers are sacred! The right to know it in both forms, is SACRED! Unless you live it, why would you entertain by it? Knowledge, Knowledge and more knowledge is needed! Input! I need more input? Why? But why ask why?

In the art of war, one must know his enemy. How else would he or she overcome his enemy? Except to know him or her so well, that they are overly confident, and truly think that they can win. If then, they are so confident, they will pursue further to destroy him or her with the knowledge that was obtained. To answer properly, why give them the knowledge? Well, in these days of technology, it is easy to obtain with everything being put on film. Selfies, selfies and more selfies! Cameras on the streets, cameras on the houses, cameras on the businesses and cameras are literally everywhere, even in places that you are not aware of. Your cell phone is a listening device, even when it is not on or in use.

So how do we live in this technology created world? How do we keep the earth from spewing us out? Well, it has to become a collaborative effort by the masses. We have to overcome ourselves with ourselves. We must open our eyes and step outside of the world that is being created by the powerful who are hidden behind a wall and computer screens. We must overcome this technology move. We must take control of it. Stop destroying what we need to live, because it isn’t creating anything good. It is creating a moment to come, when we will all be spewed out. Overcome this era before it’s too late. Overcome yourself then you can truly be yourself!

The concrete can’t feed you, but the dirt and trees can. The buildings can’t feed you, but the animals can. The living spaces that WE already have are sufficient!!! Rebuild in their same space. Overcome the urge to destroy and start to create!!! Without that, we all die. Even the powerful ones, even the rich ones, and even the smart ones, everyone! Overcome! We ONLY have ONE! One earth, One life, and One opportunity to get it right! Overcome!

#WeAllConnect #Overcomer

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