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Do we...?

In every effort, the people behind these schemes and plots, have once again caused this nation to cry, and become stronger!

We will not divide, we will not blame shift, and we will not despair.

We will fight and we will endure this tragedy and become stronger, Under God and as a nation indivisible, the United States of America. We cannot bring back the loved ones who have passed. We cannot say, “Should have, would have, could have,” No we will and can not do that. We can reflect to see in any situation how it could have been better handled or prepared for. It is not healthy to say "should have or could have" - no not those words, because they are words of guilt or regret. We must learn from this and every tragedy, as a country indivisible, united under God.

We do say, it’s time to protect our country and this will not be manipulated by the media or Hollywood. We the people, already know the truth of the matter, even though they will manipulate it, we won't believe their lies and every lie must be brought out of the darkness and into the light. We the people, are aware of the lies, the tricks and the blame shifting that has been transpiring over the decades leading up to this point in time.

To avoid having any sort of retaliation, the media has redirected this issue towards our Second Amendment, in order to render us helpless. This is just another issue to strike against us gun owners. To avoid us from defending or protecting ourselves when necessary. It is not the gun that kills anyone, it is the hand that holds the gun which kills the people. It is impossible for a gun to shoot on its' own. Just like the clothes we wear, it isn’t the clothes that make a man; but it is the man that makes the clothes. It isn’t the job that we have that makes the man, it is the man that makes the job. I could go on and on, but the matter at hand is the division that is setting itself up, instead of unity RISING UP!

Unfortunately, United States of America, won't be at complete peace because so many folks hate our country and that is due to the lies and manipulation of our fake - aka THE SWAMP- government over many decades, and for other reasons such as the human trafficking of the children from their countries.

People putting their nose in where it doesn’t belong, going about the world in a conceited manner, entering into countries behaving in a very rude and disrespectful manner, and of course, the jealousy of others towards United States of America, that is another blog post in itself. Therefore, many other countries want us destroyed, thinking that all Americans are the same as those who have behaved horribly in other countries. Which is not true, flat out untrue.

We must endure to the end, we must fight the good fight of faith, we must continue in our heritage of Love, of Life and of Liberty, allowing the pursuit of happiness to remain alive and well in USA.

We simply and knowingly must not quit, and fight until the end to preserve what this nation was founded on. Even prior to the settlers that arrived in 1492, this country was established on & in peace, and many nations within this nation lived civilly, with the direction of Holy Spirit. Why would we abandon that now in the face of our enemies?

The pursuit of Love, Life and Liberty and Happiness, is a gift and is precious to every hurting and living soul today. My desire is to see true justice come about from the tragedies that have taken place over the decades, but I know that this takes time, We The People, and an everyday effort to defend this country, no matter what!

Your loved ones did not die in vain, a fight will be waged, but, it will not be properly completed, because We The People do and will stand to defend this nation against every domestic or foreign terrorist.

May we have Unity in Diversity? May we live among one another in peace?

For each soul lost, rest in peace. May each loved one be at peace and receive comfort. May the communities not embrace fear but embrace love. Be Blessed, Stay Blessed & Enjoy being Blessed!

His Peace & His LoVe Always

DeAnna XoXo

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