Oh a Day!

Originally written on June 9, 2016, edited and updated it, bringing this blog article current. XoXo!

Every day is a New Day!

Some people find a new day dreadful, scary, and depressing, while some find it a joy to look forward to. Each person deals with their issues differently. Many who dread the new day are dealing with intense issues that others are not aware of and most likely choose not to share it. Some who find it scary, are dealing with deep issues, but are in fear of something in life and they choose not to share it either. Others who are depressed are suffering within their minds, and think they cannot share their deepest thoughts or emotions. Each of these people needs and desires healing and that healing can come. Those who are joyful aren’t without the suffering of those items. They've decided to choose joy and deal with their issues. By doing so, this allows them to overcome their hurts which gives them the ability to choose joy.

Let me discuss the possibilities I have noticed and experienced. Maybe they were blessed with a family or friends that loves, encourages, and support them. Another is, an individual has the will to overcome an obstacle in life solely on their own. Maybe they choose to be joyful because it is better than being sad, depressed, or fearful. It's difficult to know unless you are engaged with an individual who is suffering from fear or depression.

From my own experience, I have dealt with each of the above-mentioned items, and after dealing with my issues and analyzing my situations, I decided to choose joy. Joy gives me a better outlook for the day and in life, regardless of what is happening to or around me. For me, life is good, and life can be wonderful despite the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Every day, afternoon, and evening, we must choose how we will carry ourselves. I make so many mistakes, daily thinking that I must defend myself when someone decides to be rude, hateful, or fake. It's not necessary to defend anything because I know who I am. The hurting person who is attacking me has no clue who I am or what I've endured in life. Our lives are like our fingerprints or retinas, each is unique, different, and fearfully and wonderfully made. No two humans are the same, not even identical twins. We all have a unique purpose and calling in this world.

Just imagine if we connected as the word says that we should, and became the body of Christ? Isn't that one of the reasons Jesus died? Does this connection require humans to be interconnected by a device? No. To be one body, the body of Christ, is to love one another. Taking the time to be a friend or neighbor to each other. Think about how your body functions, if you aren't taking care of yourself, your body reacts negatively. Hurt people, hurt other people.

What would this world be like? Would it be boring? No, I don't believe so, because no one is the same, not one! How could it be boring? Each individual has a unique contribution to impart in this world. What would the body be like without a hand, foot, eyes or ears, and fingers or toes, what about the nose? We wouldn’t be a full body? Of course not! We’d be partial, having a disability of sorts. Causing us to desire wholeness and we'd be suffering, maybe depressed, and fearful in life. Which couldn't continue for long.

The ultimate question is, "How do we connect as a body?" My thought and belief is, by being there for one another, by encouraging one another and by helping each other when we can. Respecting each other's differences and not imposing our desires or opinions forcefully or manipulatively upon another. To each his or her own. In that alone, we can choose joy by edifying or encouraging one another!

In conclusion, I encourage you to choose joy, choose to connect, by loving your neighbor as yourself, and begin again! Every day is a new day! YOU ARE WORTH IT! I'm not perfect, not at all, but I Am His and God helps me to choose joy and to connect! I desire that you choose joy and connect! Let's make this world we share a place livable again! Go and make it a great day, Every Day!

His Peace & His Love Always! DeAnna XoXo

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